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Kristian Diekhöner

Trust Futurist and Innovation Strategist.

Trust works like a magnetic field - whenever it is lost, there is room for a new order to emerge.

Exclusive to Saxton in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

Philipp Kristian is a trust futurist, millennial innovation strategist, TEDx speaker and author of The Trust Economy. A nomad and trailblazer travelling 300+ days a year, he works with some of the best and largest names in business on building a more trusted future. Named a WEF Global Shaper, KAIROS Global Fellow and St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow, he is the definitive millennial voice on trust and innovation in the digital age. Philipp believes we have no future without trust. Trust drives behaviour, behaviour drives decisions, and decisions create our future. Because the future is a product of our actions, Philipp sponsors Mangrove reforestation and carbon offsetting projects in the Bay of Bengal with each confirmed booking.

Philipp’s keynotes explore the future of work, business and everyday life. He speaks about digital transformation, disruptive innovation, smart cities, transformational technologies and start-up ecosystems. He distils the complexity of our hyper-connected digital age into simple, pragmatic directions - deep-diving into the role of ethics, artificial intelligence and sustainability in shaping this progress. Balancing universal human insight with global trends and sector-specific context, he creates sharp strategy that resonates. His inputs invigorate and inspire audiences to apply a fresh perspective. This makes him go-to speaker on the future of trust and the digital innovation economy. Each of his keynote topics is connected to a venture in his own portfolio that walks the talk. Tackling the future entrepreneurially, each builds towards the shared vision of a happier, healthier and wealthier humanity.

Current Work:

Philipp believes the future is something we create. His work was instrumental to two Fortune 500 innovation labs and one of Asia’s fastest-growing technology scale-ups. He served as a strategic advisor to iconic founders, including the CEO of Singapore’s most funded insurance technology start-up. With great energy and a healthy dose of realism, he shows that human progress is shaped by who, what and how we trust. Whenever we trust something new, the world changes. Turning imagination into innovation means shifting trust from established to new ways. This makes trust the ultimate force to have on your side. Designing and managing for it is the new imperative for success in the digital age.

Like his book, Philipp’s approach is rooted in academic research, anthropology and extensive real-world project work. He observes our natural context across industries and geographies, scouting for patterns of emerging trust and behaviour shifts. Mixing integrative with creative thinking, he keeps clients ahead of the curve with transformational strategies that resonate with boards of directors and frontline staff alike. Philipp also teaches an Advanced Certificate Course in Transformation through Corporate Innovation for Singapore Management University’s Executive Education Arm.

A rising star on the global keynote speaker circuit, Philipp has covered over a dozen industries across 20+ countries including Bhutan and the Maldives. He has been booked alongside Brené Brown, Sir Ken Robinson, Niall Fergusson and Ban Ki Moon and addressed Deloitte, Facebook, Economist Intelligence Unit, Microsoft, MunichRe, P&G, Turner, Zillow and many more. Fortune 500s, industry associations and institutions turn to him as one of the hardest-hitting voices on the Trust Economy and how we will live, work and play in the future. Publications including BrandEins, e27, Esquire, Forbes, InVision, Men’s Folio, MoneyFM 89.3, Springer Professional and YourStory published his stories. In his free time, he is an avid sailor and yogi.

Talking Points

Exponential Empowerment: The Future of Work and Leadership in the Trust Economy

Today, trust ranks as the most important characteristic of the best workplaces, executives and teams. Magnetising teams to work as one and get more done is the order of the day. But approaches to trust vary wildly: While Gen X and Baby-boomers expect trust to be earned, Millennials and Gen Z seek to be trusted upfront.

This keynote deep-dives into the crucial role of trust in transforming workplaces for the future. transformation. Discover a practical roadmap for reinvention to help you to work as one and get more done.

- 7 paradigm shifts define future of work and need to be prioritised in creating future workplaces.
- We need to completely rethink people and structures to unlock the next level of productivity and culture.
- High-trust is a core characteristic and success factor of high-performing teams and future-ready workplaces.

Transformational Trust: Technology and Data in the Trust Economy

Distrust is the disease of the 20th?century. Contracts, parking gantries, locks, security checks and lengthy privacy policies are just the tip of the iceberg. But excessive rules and distrust cause friction, waste time and money and paralyse progress. Technology may have the answer. Digital platforms are making us trust easier and faster than ever before, and the upside is huge.

This keynote looks at global macrotrends and how the transformation of trust is shaping our future. Make trust your advantage to survive and thrive in these turbulent times.

- Designing and managing for trust is the new imperative for success in the digital age.
- As technology is transforming who, what and how we trust, our trust-building approach needs to evolve.
- Turning distrust-first into trust-first environments is the foundation for an exponential economy.

Intuitive Innovation: Innovation and Creativity in the Trust Economy

Innovation is often attributed to technology, when in fact it’s the result of a skill we are all born with: Creativity. Children exhibit it in spades, but as adults we often lose touch with it. How do we reconnect with our inner genius? Harnessing your creativity in business will make you more trusted and competent. Creativity gives you power to define the future.

This keynote takes you on an intuitive and fun journey to our mind’s dormant talents. Upgrade your capabilities and champion the change you care about.

- Discovering our inner creativity allows us to build trust in new ideas, create innovation and define the future.
- Creative confidence helps us turn our ideas into reality and counteract stagnation and status quo bias.
- Innovation results from creative problem solving, with technology as the enabler - not the other way around.
One of the most impressive visionaries I have had the pleasure of working with. Philipp Kristian is exceptionally skilled at not just technology, but the human element of innovation. Manulife Philippines

Absolutely brilliant and thought provoking keynote on the impact of trust on the future of work. Loved it!


Philipp's unflinching belief in innovation and disruptive technology is infectious.

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