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Improve your health and mindset with Alexis Pritchard

Sophie Preston
19 Nov 2019
Boxing champion, Alexis Pritchard is known for proudly representing New Zealand at the 2012 Olympic Games, 2014 Commonwealth Games and winning a Bronze medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. In 2014, Lex started her coaching company Rebuild With Lex where she applies her knowledge from 16 years of professional boxing to help teams retrain their minds and achieve their personal, professional and performance goals.
Lex is committed to embracing courage and acting fearlessly – all of which she learnt the boxing ring!

What made you get into Boxing and what made you continue to pursue it professionally?

I got into as a way to get fit, do something for just me and feel better about myself. I fell in love with it the first time I hit the bag. Sixteen years of boxing has transformed me. It has forever changed me. I am who I am because I boxed. I worked my way through so many limiting decisions, doubts, and moments of fear and panic over the years; if I hadn’t, I would have crumbled. I decided to rise every time. Boxing was testing me at each of those moments. It wanted to know how committed I was.

What does your average day look like?

I start my day with the intentional thought of “today is going to be a great day” this is to set me up to always search for the good stuff in my day. Our brains love to validate its thoughts. So if you say today is going to be a great day, your brain will then highlight all the reasons why it was a great day. Cam (the hubby) and I ride into work together and he always gets our coffee and delivers it to my desk ❤

The rest of day is seeing clients for mindset and empowerment coaching, creating and practising speeches, presentations or workshops. And I make sure I get some endorphins from movement, running or weights, rocking climbing, boxing or yoga.

How do you stay motivated?

I am not motivated all the time. I am dedicated, determine and disciplined. I have a clear understanding of my why and I am dedicated to achieving it, so I keep chipping away at things slowly. Momentum also helps with motivation, so I make sure I do small things every day to keep me moving in the direction of my why. I boxed for 16 years I wasn’t motivated every day. And on those days I focused on achieving one small thing to get me closer to goal. And I am kind to myself. I mind my language when I speak to myself. I am my second biggest cheerleader, my husband is head cheerleader.

How do you overcome set-backs?

I embrace courage. I face the fears. Sometimes I have to retreat a bit and hunker down to refill supplies. But I never stay down. I go forward even when I am afraid. I act fearlessly. Set-backs are hard. They are also a part of life. No one gets through life without set-backs. They teach me how to do things differently next time. So I wipe the tears away (sometimes there are big tears), I get a cuddle or two and dust myself off and go again. What other choice is there? Sit there and let fear control you?

What would be your top tip for someone wanting to improve their health/fitness level?

Start where you are, start small, and make small incremental increases. Keep your eyes in your lane…focus on yourself and no one else. After every session take note of how uplifted you are feeling. If you are exercising to punish yourself forget about it…no one likes a bully.

If you would like more information on Alexis Pritchard, please get in touch with the Celebrity Speakers team on 09 373 4177 or [email protected]
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