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Sustainability & Environmental Policy

1.0 Purpose

1.1 To provide a vision and a set of principles to guide the actions of our organisation, Celebrity Speakers NZ (Ltd), to support sustainable practices and improve our environmental performance to reduce our ecological footprint.

2.0 Scope

2.1 Celebrity Speakers NZ Ltd office in Auckland, New Zealand

3.0 Framework

3.1 We consider sustainability to be a balanced, long-term approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress supported by sound corporate governance.

3.2 We will conform to all sustainability related legislation and regulation including the environmental requirements applicable to our business operations.

3.3 We shall continuously improve our sustainability performance to reach our environmental goals.

3.4 We shall use this policy to systematically measure and manage our sustainability issues to develop and maintain our: policy statements and objectives; key performance indicators; management plans and procedures.

3.5 We engage with our stakeholders internally (including our people, board, Australian and American Office) and externally (including our customers, suppliers, partners, Government departments, Non-Governmental Organisations, Iwi, charities and the media) to identify and prioritise our sustainability issues across our value chain.

4.0 Objectives

4.1 We commit to recycling and correctly disposing of other office products, which we will achieve through staff awareness training, communication, and providing the facilities to do so.

4.2 We aim to continuously reduce the amount of waste we generate, by decreasing our printer use through implementing new digital processes within our supply chain.

4.3 When printing is required, we will use recycled paper and set printers to double-sided printing as a default.

4.4 We will prevent sending unnecessary letters to save paper, postage, and printing.

4.5 We will increase our digital marketing collateral offerings to provide suppliers with an environmentally friendly option to reduce our print volume.

4.6 We commit to using environmentally friendly cleaning products within our office (including internal staff members and external cleaning suppliers).

4.7 We commit to using energy efficient lighting systems and managing our power consumption through educating staff.

4.8 We will adhere to the water usage requirements within Auckland, New Zealand through staff awareness and education and we will set our dishwasher to be a reduced time cycle.

4.9 We will allow flexible work schedules to reduce travel such as work from home days, and flexibility on workday start and finish times.

4.10 We will encourage staff members and visitors to videoconference or teleconference to replace unnecessary travel, where possible.

4.11 We will encourage staff members to use alternative methods of transportation to work (train, carpool, walk, bus, bike, etc.)

4.12 We accept that our organisation’s supply chain contributes to carbon emissions through the necessary travel that staff and external contractors require. We aim to counter the size of our ecological footprint by implementing a carbon emissions offset programme by mid 2023.

4.13 We commit to booking our travel with agencies that have certified carbon emission reporting to help us to measure and achieve our carbon objectives through offsets.

4.14 We ensure to highlight talent to our clients that are local to the event taking place, to reduce the required travel and our overall carbon footprint within our supply chain.

4.15 We adhere to the sustainability principles of integrity, inclusivity, transparency, and stewardship.

4.16 This sustainability policy is updated annually and when required to ensure relevance. It is made available to the public via the Celebrity Speakers NZ Ltd website and to all employees. Any queries should be directed to the Managing Director.

5.0 Key Performance Indicators

5.1.1 We commit to reducing our paper and printing use by the end of 2021, with the goal of being 95% paperless by mid-2023.

5.1.2 We aim to reduce our power usage by 3% by the end of 2023.

5.1.3 We aim to have all staff working on either, flexible working conditions or utilising alternative modes of transport by the end of 2023.

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