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Navigating the Economic Landscape: Top Podcasts to Decode the Financial News Cycle

Rachel Bird
18 Jun 2024

Feeling lost in the financial news cycle? You're not alone! The ever-changing economic landscape can be confusing, but with the right knowledge, you can navigate it with confidence. One of the best ways to stay informed and understand the complexities of the market is through podcasts. Here are some fantastic podcasts hosted by expert keynote speakers who can also present tailored presentations to help you make sense of it all.

Money Talks - With Liam Dann

"Money Talks" is a podcast where interesting New Zealanders share their personal experiences with money, discussing how it has impacted their lives and the lessons they've learned. Hosted by Liam Dann, the show features candid conversations that explore the emotional and practical aspects of money, rather than focusing on financial advice or market predictions. Guests include entrepreneurs, CEOs, and public figures who reveal their best and worst money stories, offering insights into their financial journeys.

Markets with Madison

"Markets with Madison" is a podcast hosted and produced by Madison Reidy sharing investment insights from executives and the experts.

In this 100th episode of Markets with Madison, top banking executives from Australia and New Zealand discuss the economic ties between the two countries and how New Zealand banks significantly bolster their Australian counterparts' profits. They explore the impact of differing economic conditions, including New Zealand's recession and higher interest rates. The discussion covers the challenges of rising deposit rates, the robustness of bank capital provisions, and the growing threat of financial scams and cyber threats. Despite economic struggles, the executives express optimism about future interest rate cuts and the resilience of their banking sectors.

Some key takeaways:

  • Australian and New Zealand banks have significant economic interdependence, with Australian banks benefiting greatly from their New Zealand operations.
  • Despite New Zealand's current recession and higher official cash rate compared to Australia, New Zealand banks remain profitable for their Australian owners.
  • Rising interest rates have increased net interest margins for banks but are now being challenged by higher deposit rates, impacting profitability.
  • Economic conditions are challenging in both countries, with New Zealand experiencing more severe impacts, but both banking sectors are well-capitalised and provisioned to handle potential delinquencies.
  • The conversation highlights concerns about scams, cyber threats, and the importance of maintaining customer service and adapting to changing economic conditions.

Girls That Invest - Simran Kaur

"Girls That Invest" is a podcast hosted by Simran Kaur, and her friends. The podcast aims to demystify investing and wealth-building, making financial topics accessible and jargon-free. Episodes feature discussions on personal finance, investment strategies, and entrepreneurial tips. The show includes segments like "Money Confessions" for financial advice, deep dives into investing topics, and "Girls That Startup" for building side hustles. It's geared towards empowering women to achieve financial independence and success.

Thinker Tank - Dr Ben Hamer

"ThinkerTank," hosted by futurist Dr. Ben Hamer, explores trends shaping our future lives. Each bite-sized episode delves into topics like microdosing psychedelics, the four-day work week, and Gen-Z innovations. The podcast offers insights into staying ahead of trends, helping listeners feel more confident in navigating the economic landscape by understanding future developments. This knowledge fosters a proactive approach to economic changes, enabling better personal and professional decision-making. The podcast also aims to provide a lighter, engaging take on the rapidly changing world, making listeners well-informed and interesting conversationalists.

In the housing affordability episode, Dr. Hamer discusses Australia's housing crisis, examining economic factors, policy impacts, and future trends. This helps listeners understand economic changes and navigate challenges effectively.

When the Facts Change - Bernard Hickey

"When the Facts Change" is a podcast hosted by Bernard Hickey, focusing on the intersection of economics, business, and politics in New Zealand. Episodes typically feature expert guests discussing contemporary issues such as digital currency, inflation impacts, monopolies, electrification, and philanthropic giving. The podcast aims to provide insights and in-depth analysis of significant economic and political developments in Aotearoa, making complex topics accessible to listeners.

Staying informed about the economic landscape doesn't have to be overwhelming. With these podcasts, you can gain the knowledge and confidence to navigate the financial news cycle and make informed decisions. Happy listening!

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