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Where Creativity & Strategy Collide

For too long, kindness has been associated with weakness. The opposite is true. Kindness is strength. Kindness is clarity. Kindness is bold.

Cassie is a California native, and after 17 years in New Zealand, a proud YanKiwi. Passionate about creative content, social media strategy, the influencer economy, & storytelling across mediums both emerging and traditional, Cassie has literally lived & breathed the digital revolution.

Whilst she has spent the majority of her career working in and with large corporates, she is now a fully-fledged entrepreneur, working as both Founder & Director of CR&Co, a game-changing consultancy & multi-media business built around the impactful areas of brands where creativity, content and code collide.

Before the launch of CR&Co, Cassie held high-ranking roles at businesses like Air New Zealand, ANZ Bank, The Warehouse Group, Mighty River Power and New Zealand Media & Entertainment (NZME) where she crafted and drove the content marketing, social media and storytelling strategies of some of the most innovative and iconic brands globally and across the APAC region.

Cassie has been awarded & recognised globally as a thought leader in the fields of social media marketing, storytelling for brands, digital marketing, & the anthropological power of brand in the lives of consumers. She’s also an author, keynote speaker, TEDx alumni, professional coach and mentor.

Her main professional goal? Delivering results while having fun doing it. By embracing change, actively driving innovation, growing positive community engagement, deepening customer service standards, and streamlining reporting across business units, Cassie has truly cut her teeth on the cutting edge.
She’s also one big bundle of positive energy fuelled by the belief that great corporate culture is built on a foundation of empathy, insight and kindness!

Beyond the office, Cassie spends her free time working on projects that she’s passionate about - most of which aim to lift others through education, diversity, & action. Cassie is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community & speaks often on topics that include Pride and empowering women in the workplace. For many years, Cassie has been running online workshops, webinars and livestreams to big brands who need help from a strategy or implementation perspective.

At home, Cassie is a proud momma to her teenaged daughter, & wife to her soulmate. She loves getting outdoors while soaking up some sunshine and revelling in stolen moments with loved ones.
And, if you’re wondering, a chilled glass of buttery Chardonnay never goes astray with Cass.

Talking Points

Ethical Marketing: Brands as Gatekeepers, Marketers as Moral Compasses

The role of brands in a world of democratised digital influence, content creation and the ability to influence media is consistently changing. In a world in flux, what role should brands be playing when it comes to influencers, media spending, social & cultural movements? When should brands speak up for or against causes that are political, societal, or ethical? Are we, as marketers, ready to pivot hard and lean into understanding our customers as people and not as data points? Cassie Roma is here to dive deep into some of the biggest topics that we should all be talking about.

Storytelling for Business

In today's fast-paced digital world, we’re all living and working in a world stuck on play. There’s no pause. Because of this, it’s the attention economy that we’re trying to master. Brands, influencers, new media and traditional programming alike are all vying for our time when it comes to the content we consume and the ability to influence us. When it comes to building strong, successful brands in a new world, it’s the age-old principles of storytelling that drive the best creative results and that help great marketers stand out from the pack. Cassie Roma is an expert in helping brands build strategies around stories, creative execution, insight, data, distribution & amplification.

The Glorification of Busy: Slowing Down to Speed Up

If you’re like me, your life is a bit like a hamster wheel - built specifically for our human legs and cardiovascular machines, but not so much primed for healthy minds or souls. We live out our best years as worker bees, bound by a monotonous and perpetual cycle that has been colloquially dubbed the 9-to-5. I say colloquially because we all know that, as professional, we’d love an actual 9-to-5. I’ve heard typical working hours called out as “Gentlemen’s hours” often. Ahem, gentlepeople. This is 2019. In this session Cassie talks about realistic strategies for making space to slow-down, to think deeply, and to find time to work more effectively across your day-to-day projects.

Influence Schminfluence

Let’s face it, one person’s influencer is another person’s ‘unfollow.’ So in today’s social media-laden society, how do we as marketers and brands define influence when looking through the eyes of our customers? Is the term ‘influencer’ a smug smokescreen or a powerful tool in our branded-content and online social media arsenal? Cassie Roma breaks all of the rules to help you build your most impactful strategies yet when it comes to experts, gurus, ambassadors, & (yep, you guessed it) influencers.

Growing Up Social

Social media will NEVER AGAIN be as it was in the golden years... so now what? What are macro and micro trends in the video and online space that have the potential to change the world as we see it, or to crush some of the major foundations that we believe to be unbreakable.

Algorithms for Good: Standing on the Right Side of History

Almost everything we do, share, connect with, click on, or consume is tracked online & is used as fuel to feed massive content machines. Of the major players online, algorithms rule what we see, when we see it, and how often we’re served one piece of content over another. For a lot of our Millennial & Gen Z consumers, algorithms aren’t the deliverers of good, contextual information. Instead, we see a world where what we’re served can just as well divide us as it does bring us together. Which begs the question: as marketers, how we can re-train algorithms rather than simply try to game or crack them? Also, how do we as guardians of budget lines & big reach platforms imbue humanity and diversity into everything we do?
In a world of wide-open, world-wide-webs, who are the gatekeepers?

Women On Top

Goodbye old boys clubs, hello women in leadership! Digging deep into a once-taboo topic, we dive into top tips from top players on how they help to empower women in traditionally male industries as well as how they themselves have become progressively more comfortable with taking up space at the proverbial table. As the old/new saying goes, "If there are no more seats at the table, bring a folding chair."

Driving Diversity

Just as we all have our own unique view of the world, so too do we have a unique understanding on what diversity means. In a time where we all know that we need to think about and build diversity into our content streams, how do we do this? What are the rules (if there are any) around ensuring safe spaces online and in your own channels? Let’s talk algorithms, ethics, humanity, & the beauty of diversity.


• The Next Best Thing to IRL (bringing the passion & energy of live events to online conferences, webinars, & workshops)
• Flexible Working 101/Working From Home: Getting The Most Out Of Your Work From Home Days
• Building Resilience Through Change
• Leveraging Partnerships/Communities Online
• Connecting With Employees, Your Best Bet - Webinars, Zoom meetings, & Facebook Messenger Chats
• What's Your Story? Storytelling To Build Empathy & Resilience
• Crisis Comms Management (Who/What/How/When to respond, escalate, build workflow, etc)
• Engagement, Confidence, & Creativity at Work
• Growing Your Content Creation Confidence (getting comfortable in finding your voice & sharing ideas online)
Cassie is a truly innovative thinker and practitioner in the field of global marketing. She has great insight on how to build your business both locally and worldwide using innovative combinations of paid earned and owned media. She’s an expert in social video and social marketing, but also in so much more. She’s also a great teacher and speaker - her sessions at VidCon around the world are among the most popular each year VidCon International

Cassie’s special blend of industry insight, strategic thinking, and creative brilliance is truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. She leads with more kindness than I’ve ever experienced, and has broken more ground in brand storytelling than any other human in her field. Radiating sunshine, ridiculous brain power and a passion for telling stories in the right way - working with Cassie is a privilege

WeWork NYC

Cassie is magnetic. She lives her life with soul and purpose. Everything Cassie turns her head to in life or work, she contributes her whole self. Cassie has a CV that dazzles, and she delivers for clients above and beyond expectation, with intelligence, thoughtfulness, empathy, verve, attention to detail and her fierce sense of humour. Above all, Cassie is an absolute pleasure to know

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