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The voice in the dark

The GREATEST POWER we possess; is how we make another human being FEEL!


A dynamic and refreshing global thought-leader in the psychosocial and cultural transformation space, with military, law enforcement and bodyguarding backgrounds, Dion was headhunted to fulfil specialist corporate leadership and management roles, where he showed a unique skill of increasing engagement, productivity and revenue by treating staff as VIP's.

As the author of two clinically endorsed books on mental health, Dion is able to speak from experience with full credibility and authority, however his delivery style ensures that he connects emotionally, intellectually and authentically with your audience

Talking Points

The VIP of Mental Health

The secret to building a strong foundation of good mental health and why the current issues
you are facing in your organization can be traced back to this concept. Based on the clinically
endorsed book of the same name, this keynote is an innovative and fresh perspective.

Make Peace With the Mirror

"What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you someONE or someTHING. Do you see
the person, or what happened to the person?" An inspirational keynote that touches the heart
of every audience member and offers a personal story of hope, and victory over adversity.

The 3 Elephants of Corporate Bullying

Dion is a Lion and goes hunting in this keynote! Where others may be too scared to tackle the
real issues of Corporate Bullying, Dion attacks them head on! While others ignore the 3
elephants in the room, Dion sets them free! Challenging, enlightening and solution focused.

Managing Mayhem!

Throughout Dion's career he was specifically called into conflict and dysfunctional situations
and tasked to manage those situations! Full of live examples and real frontline stories, Dion is
able to give the audience gold nuggets of wisdom from the streets to the workplace!

Protecting Women

As the founder of www.protectingwomen.gobal Dion shares his insights and perspectives on
the responsibility of men to protect women, how women can protect themselves and how
Dion would solve the issue of gender equality and why women are doing it wrong.

The Foundation For Youth

As an-ex community constable and trained youth aid officer, to global confidence coach,
Dion shares his experience and advice on how to assist youth with overcoming bullying,
rejection and judgement by sharing his 'Fountain For Youth.'
  • Mastering Leadership
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Mental Health
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress
  • Challenge & Adventure
  • Inspiring Stories
  • Resilience
  • Military
  • Leadership
“Those who attended benefitted from an excellent talk by quite an extraordinary man. Dion spoke of his experiences both in the New Zealand Police, as a combatant and bodyguard in various active war zones around the world and the subsequent pathway his life has taken as a result of those experiences. Throughout, he spoke with a passion seldom heard in presentations these days, yet in a non-threatening, but unquestionably firm, manner; his views on crime and the need to support its victims in particular striking chords with his entire audience.   I found Dion one of the most inspirational speakers I have had the privilege of listening to for many years and the Club will certainly be inviting him to speak to members again in the future.   Consequently, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to other groups or organizations as an inspiring speaker who will enlighten, motivate and entertain his listeners. “ The Upper Hutt Business Club

“I and most of the audience were unsure of what to expect from our guest speaker as he was not known to us and the subject was foreign to many…Well, from the first word to the last he had the attention of the whole room with people hanging off his every word. Dion spoke from the heart and as he did not read from notes it was obvious PTSD and his upbringing and career was something that he (and the whole room by the end of his talk) is very passionate about. He finished to a standing ovation which is something I have not seen from any men’s dinner I have attended, and we have had some brilliant speakers who have been on the circuit for some time. I cannot recommend Dion enough as a guest speaker, he will command the attention of the room with what I personally thought was one of the best speakers I have had the privilege of listening to, and with my role I attend many functions with celebrity speakers. If you are reading this and deciding whether or not to give Dion a shot I would say to you go for it and I promise you he will not disappoint!”

Sean O’Leary, Chair of Entertainment
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