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Dr Natalie

Senior Clinical Psychologist and Mental Health Expert


Dr Natalie Flynn is a Senior Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the area of mental health for 27 years. In that time she’s worked in an extensive range of settings both in New Zealand and the UK.

Dr Natalie has practiced at Broadmoor High Security Psychiatric Hospital in Berkshire, a number of Community Mental Health Centres both in Auckland and London, Mental Heath Crisis Teams in London and Auckland, Community Alcohol and Drug Services, the Early Intervention Psychosis team, Maternal Mental Health Services, Auckland inpatient Psychiatric Services, the Regional Eating Disorders Service, Auckland Prison, the Kari Centre, and Tranx (working with prescription drug dependence).

She received a 'Bright Future Top Achiever’ Doctoral Scholarship for her research in neuropsychology (understanding how the brain relates to behaviour), and more recently has written a bestselling book, Smart Mothering-which examines the research behind parenting choices. She also co-founded the Parentland app with Nigel Latta.

Currently, Dr Natalie is running a successful private practice in Auckland focusing on adult mental health.

Talking Points

Mental health response: A guide for people leaders

The last couple of years have been tough, and the impact of that on staff has been significant. People leaders at all levels are encountering increasingly complex and challenging mental health situations with their teams: burnout, depression, anxiety, OCD, BPD, substance abuse, suicidality and more. While many organisations have EAP processes in place the reality is that often it’s the people leader who’s the first point of contact. Knowing what to do next is crucially important. It takes 10 years to train a Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist, but in this session people leaders will learn all they need to know to provide an effective response in a genuine emergency, a mental health crisis, or an ongoing struggle. This isn’t a session on counselling or therapy, instead it’s a pragmatic guide to providing effective support when something big falls on your lap… led by a Senior Clinical Psychologist with twenty seven years experience working in the field. Don’t be blindsided… be informed.

Mental Health: Key warning signs and practical advice

There are over 200 known mental health difficulties but all of them have some core things in common: they cause distress, and they effect the way a person thinks and behaves. What they also have in common is that-like most things health-related-they tend to get worse over time if we don’t do something about them. It’s fundamentally important for all of us to know the key early warning signs so we can get support as soon as possible. In this session Clinical Psychologist Dr Natalie Flynn will teach people how to pick up on these warning signs… and perhaps even more importantly what to do next. Dr Flynn untangles the complexity and confusion which often surrounds a lot of these issues and provides the audience with concrete and practical advice on what helps-and what doesn’t-from an expert who’s been working in the field for 27 years.

Burnout in the workplace

After the last couple of years it’s no great surprise that burnout in the workplace has reached epidemic levels. People with burnout often describe difficulties such as psychological exhaustion, or feeling disengaged from their role and their work place. It leads to higher levels of physical health difficulties as well as sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and life dissatisfaction. In this session Clinical Psychologist Dr Natalie Flynn will explain what causes this condition, and what it looks like when you catch it early or, as is most often then case, when you catch it late. This is a pragmatic session with practical solutions for digging your way out of the hole when it feels like the hole is all there is.
Natalie was an amazing speaker. She is highly knowledgeable and was able to translate that knowledge into practical strategies and advice, which were well suited to the audience. We had very positive feedback from her session. Education Hub

Thank you, thanks you, thank you Natalie. Meaningful tools to take home and put in to practice. You were a breath of fresh air.


Dr Flynn is such a great speaker, explaining things so clearly and not making anyone who is suffering from mental health issues feel like a fraud. She explained things from both sides of the table which I think is important for all to understand each others positions.


Dr Natalie Flynn left us with both knowledge and skills that will significantly impact on my life. Her delivery was fantastic.

Verb Festival Wellington

Dr Natalie Flynn’s talk was at the same time super informative and very entertaining. Finally, someone who can deliver evidence based information without all the fluff.

The Baby Show ASB Auckland

It was great working with Natalie, she spent a great amount of time getting to know our business and the outcomes we were aiming for. As a result Natalie was able to deliver really engaging content that felt bespoke and resonated with our managers. Natalie reads the room well and her natural style allows her to build rapport quickly, making the information very relatable. We would recommend working with Dr Natalie.

McDonald's New Zealand

Natalie delivered an insightful workshop for our end of year event that was extremely well received and provided some excellent learnings.


We couldn’t recommend Natalie enough. We spent considerable time on the phone prior to the day discussing the reasoning and our Brand, and then her presentation was bang on. It was a balance of humour and facts, and she landed the her style and approach exactly as the room needed.

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