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Telling great Kiwi stories that matter

The power of storytelling can transform your life.

Award-winning journalist Jehan Casinader is one of New Zealand’s top storytellers.

For more than a decade, he has been a familiar face on our screens, reporting for primetime shows like TVNZ’s Sunday, Seven Sharp and Close Up. He was named “Broadcast Reporter of the Year” at the Voyager Media Awards in 2020, and “Reporter of the Year” at the New Zealand Television Awards in 2018.

In the aftermath of natural disasters, terror attacks, sporting triumphs and everything in between, Jehan has helped hundreds of Kiwis to share their vulnerable and deeply personal stories with the rest of the country.

“Each of us has a story about who we are,” says Jehan. “But where do those stories come from? How do our stories influence our wellbeing? And how can we tell more helpful, hopeful stories about our lives?”

Through challenging, inspiring keynotes, Jehan reveals how storytelling can transform every area of our life - including mental health, productivity and relationships.

As a survivor of depression, he wants every Kiwi to have a hopeful, helpful story to tell. He is the author of This Is Not How It Ends: How rewriting your story can save your life (HarperCollins).

Talking Points

The Power of Stories

Each of us has a story about who we are. But where do those stories come from? How can we tell more helpful, hopeful stories about our lives? Jehan Casinader, one of New Zealand’s top TV journalists, has wrestled with these questions.

While he was reporting on the Christchurch terror attack or filming in Hollywood, he was hiding a dark secret: a crippling struggle with depression. In this empowering, uplifting keynote, Jehan explains how changing his own story helped him to survive.

He’ll offer a fresh perspective on mental health, and teach you how to become the author of your story.

Lead with Stories

Could you hold half a million people’s attention? Jehan Casinader can.

In an uncertain world, leaders need to cut through the noise and engage with staff and stakeholders in a meaningful way. But many leaders don’t know how to tell great stories, or they’re afraid to - so their messages are never heard. In this game-changing keynote, Jehan offers original, practical tools to help you tell authentic stories that make an impact.

A must-watch for anyone who wants to connect with the people who matter, especially during COVID.

Flip the Script

Are you sick of a toxic, unhelpful story? Get a better one. A practical, enlightening perspective on how to rewrite an old narrative.

Stories and Empathy

In a polarised world that is full of conflict, how can we use storytelling to bring people together and help them to understand each other?

Common Ground

Our world seems more polarised than ever.

Black or white. Urban or rural. Old or young.
Vaccinated or unvaccinated. In or out. Many of us are struggling to bridge these divides with our customers, colleagues, and even our friends and family.
As a journalist, Jehan Casinader knows how to quickly build trust with complete strangers - people from every walk of life. In this presentation, he explains how we can use empathy to forge connections with people who don't look, sound, think or behave like us.
If we can find common ground, we can help each other to feel truly valued and understood.

• How to have tough conversations about difficult issues with people who disagree with us.
• How to create an environment in which someone feels psychologically safe enough to open up.
• How to ask empowering questions that lead to understanding, rather than conflict.
• Inspiring examples from heartland New Zealand.

Tell Me The Good News

We're drowning in negative information.

From breaking news to social media, we're bombarded with negative, anxiety-inducing content all day long.
Much of it is detrimental to our mental health. Most of us have no idea how to manage the information we consume. How do we choose what to read and watch? How do we stay informed - without being overwhelmed? How do we process news that makes us distressed, especially during Covid?
Jehan Casinader offers a rare, unique "insider's view" on how the media works. He explains how each of us can take back control - and find the good news.

• Eye-opening facts about where information comes from, how it's curated and how it affects our brains.
• Simple strategies to regulate your consumption of news, social media and other content.
• Tools to help you reframe unhelpful narratives.
• The remarkable stories that reveal why life as a human is becoming better, not worse.
I was absolutely blown away by his professionalism, the sincerity of his message and the power behind it… One of our delegates told me how personally he was impacted by Jehan's keynote speech, and that his presentation alone was worth the whole conference registration fee. EVANZ

Having seen the effect his story - and the tools he offers to help people reshape their own stories - had on my Senior Leadership Team - I have no hesitation in commending him as a keynote speaker and presenter of rare talent.

Tauranga City Council

It goes without saying that Jehan is an exceptional communicator, but what struck me was the open, honest way and vulnerable way he shared his journey. He brought real clarity to many mental health and wellbeing issues critical to our sector.

Association of Consultants and Engineers

Jehan is an exceptional speaker with a unique ability to hold the room. Jehan presented to us during Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. His message was timely, honest and relatable. We truly appreciate the korero he gave us


We highly recommend Jehan as an MC and facilitator. We engaged Jehan to facilitate the Government’s Just Transition Summit in Taranaki. This was a pivotal event, requiring a facilitator that could respectfully manage the differing views of our five key stakeholder groups - Government, business, workers, Iwi and community. Jehan did this masterfully… There are not many MCs and facilitators that can be this agile and accommodating, while presenting a professional and seamless face to the audience.

Acumen Republic

Jehan was superb. We’re delighted with the vibe and verve he brought to the EPICNZ Conference as our MC. It was a dynamic role, given he wasn’t just the MC but also the facilitator and moderator of panel sessions - and delivered that role with great style and effectiveness. Importantly, this included a snappy pace and he really supported the speakers to shine.

Office of Ethnic Communities

We were delighted with the manner in which Jehan undertook his role. His preparation was thorough, and he was most effective in quickly making a strong connection with the audience. He worked very closely with me throughout the day so as to ensure our programme ran smoothly. The following piece of feedback I received after the event sums it up: “The MC is a rock-star. He did his job brilliantly!

New Zealand Principals’ Federation

It was an outstanding presentation - pitch perfect in its content and delivery. I’ve received so many positive comments from those who attended, saying ‘Lead With Stories’ will help them to drive change. Jehan held the audience in the palm of his hand, while offering real nuggets

Hutt City Council

Jehan stepped in at the last minute for us and was very professional, warm, and engaging. We knew we were in great hands as soon as he came on board!

Callaghan Innovation
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