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Imposter Syndrome Expert


Jess Stuart is an Imposter Syndrome expert who specialises in helping busy, high achievers build confidence, self-awareness, and resilience to realise their potential.

Jess comes from a background in Senior HR roles and a decade in the corporate world. She is a highly acclaimed speaker, and often features in the media for her expertise including featuring on the BBC, RNZ, Dominion Post, Stuff and NZ Business Magazine.

Jess spent 15 years in the corporate world chasing success, money, and status. It made her rich - but not happy. At the same time, she was trying to be the person she felt she should be by making her parents proud, achieving in her job, and finding a man to settle down with, but that wasn’t who she really was.

Despite her success, she always felt like she was close to failing. Jess worked hard but became overwhelmed and the changes she wanted to make were too daunting to begin to tackle. Eventually and unsurprisingly, she burned out and everything had to change. She began to understand her values, showing up authentically, and redesigning success for herself.

This led Jess to leaving her relationship and coming out. Quitting the corporate world to write books and help others. Her life became fulfilling, rewarding and less stressful, the constant sense of being overwhelmed disappeared and she was finally comfortable being who she was and knowing that is enough.

Jess is the author of four self published personal development books - including The Superwoman Survival Guide released in 2020 which is designed to help women unlock their potential and thrive at life. As an author, Jess gives practical advice and tips for building resilience, leveraging strengths whilst navigating fear, getting over self-doubt, and mastering the art of balance.

Jess believes that tapping into your potential doesn’t mean doing more or having to be different. It’s uncovering what’s already there and being enough as you are.

Talking Points

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Overcome feelings of self-doubt to unlock your potential and gain the confidence to succeed. Understand the impacts of fear, perfectionism and the inner critic and learn practical strategies to build self-efficacy. Understand your strengths and build confidence to succeed.

Are you busy or productive?

Master the art of slowing down to speed up, understand the power of the mind and how to use it to stay focused, calm and effective. Build resilience to sustain the energy required to deliver on your potential and bounce back from challenges to succeed.

The pitfalls of being a perfectionist

Perfectionism is the domain of high achievers, it’s what pushes us to perform. It can also be our undoing. It’s often linked to over-work, overwhelm and burn out and often means we work twice as hard as we need to, set excessively high expectations of ourselves and others and struggle to delegate. Do not let perfect be the enemy of the great. If good enough is never enough you are more likely to push the limits to burnout and less likely to perform at your peak. Understand the pitfalls of perfectionism and how to overcome them. Sometimes done is better than perfect!

Women in Leadership

Take your seat at the table and grow your career. Leverage your strengths, build your brand and understand the power of emotional intelligence to become a confidence capable leader. Build executive stamina and learn to motivate others to deliver results.
Jess was a fantastic speaker. Topic was on point and landed very well with the team. Salesforce
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