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Inspirational Leader, Coach & Author

Scars tell a story. Own and share them with others


Karin Horen is a resilient and dynamic speaker, seasoned navigator, and a beacon of inspiration with over two decades of expertise in marketing, sales, and personal development. Her compelling talks ignite action, while her navigation sessions empower individuals and businesses to thrive, unlocking their full potential.

As a twice breast cancer survivor, Karin's journey took a transformative turn, leading her to become a published author of the impactful book, "I am more than just my tits." Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Political Science, she further honed her skills with a Certificate of Completion from The Unbreakable Business System and a Certificate of Healthy Thinking from the Healthy Thinking Institute.

Karin's commitment to making a difference is evident in her roles as the Founder of Eat, Drink, Pink, and Co-Founder of Paddle for Hope and PaddleOn. She also created the mastectomy-friendly swimwear range, One Of Us, addressing the unique needs of individuals on a similar journey.

Her diverse background includes studying TV presenting in Sydney with On Camera Connections and working as a presenter for Fashion TV NZ and Red Carpet TV. Born in Israel in 1973, Karin served in the IDF in a top intelligence unit, cultivating resilience, discipline, and the ability to work under pressure. Her life experiences expanded further during her time in Nigeria, where she embraced the fascinating West African culture. In 2009, she moved to New Zealand, drawn to the beauty and opportunities it offered.

As a solo mum to three beautiful children, Karin's multicultural family reflects Maori, English, and Jewish heritage. Her love for stand-up paddleboarding not only became a personal passion but also a platform to give back to the community. Through fundraising efforts and co-developing a rehabilitation program for cancer patients, Karin changed lives, including her own.

Karin's story is one of overcoming adversity, navigating a volatile relationship, and dealing with the loss of her parents at a young age. Her life motto, "She believed she could so she did," resonates deeply with her journey. Embracing the philosophy of continuous learning, Karin refuses to merely exist within her story, constantly seeking new paths and her voice amidst the chaos.

A true advocate for resilience, Karin believes adversity acts as a catalyst for growth and that having the right tools and understanding one's "WHY" are essential for transformation. Her mission is to authentically share her story, inspiring others globally to navigate their challenges, build self-confidence, and cultivate resilience. Karin Horen stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, urging others to keep growing, learning, and creating their own paths.

Talking Points

Adversity - A catalyst for building resilience

As a twice breast cancer survivor, solo mum of three, I learned that I hold a big arsenal of resilience tools and coping mechanisms that can help myself and others overcome adversity, dive under the wave and come the other side with more self confidence and strength. By sharing my story I can certainly show how it shaped me to become who I am today and that consistency , getting rid of some toxic traits or beliefs, surrounding myself with the right community of people, relieving fear, and not giving up have helped me build my tool kit.

The importance of cancer rehabilitation

As a twice breast cancer survivor, and a fitness instructor, I learned how important it is to rehabilitate during and after a cancer diagnosis. I also know the importance it has on our overall physical and mental health prior to any health diagnosis. 30 minutes a day of physical activity can improve our overall health, reduce the risk of developing certain illnesses and help us learn more about our bodies. We can then identify changes early at times and become more vigilant. Having a physiotherapist look after us for example, can help identify other forms of side effects of cancer treatments and surgeries. I met many cancer sufferers through the cancer rehabilitation journey, fundraising and forming the PaddleOn.

Asking for help in times of adversity ( SOLO parenting, divorce, abuse etc)

How to keep going while you have little ones who need you at the same time that you are fighting for you life? How do you get support and what type of support you need? How do you open up about your adversity and feel confutable to receive help ?

Another topic I love talking about and presented before is SELF CONFIDENCE . I talk about growth and tolls to help grow our confidence and resilience, keeping the promise to ourselves and that also reflects our business and career paths.
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