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Award-winning Wellbeing Specialist & 2023 NZ Keynote Speaker of the Year


An award-winning Wellbeing Specialist with over 20 years’ experience, Lauren is a dynamic and highly engaging presenter and master storyteller, who will have your audience laughing, moving and learning in a memorable way.

TEDx speaker, author of Thriving Leaders, Thriving Teams and Real Food Less Fuss, founder of the Snack on Exercise movement, and host of the Thrive TV Show. Lauren is a sought-after, international speaker and consultant who integrates her wellness and business backgrounds to help leaders and organisations create a positive, energised team culture, where people thrive.

Lauren is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and was awarded the Keynote Speaker of the Year and the Educator of the Year at the 2023-24 by the NZ Professional Speakers Association, so you know you’re in safe hands when you book her.

Described as unforgettable and life-changing, Lauren skilfully breaks down the science of wellbeing and equips people with proven, practical tools and - most of all - the motivation to take action on them.

Growing up as the shy, unsporty kid, Lauren never imagined she’d be travelling the world helping thousands of people boost their health and wellbeing. Her core message that we’re all capable of more than we imagine has resonated with audiences around the globe.

As a military wife, and mother-of-three, Lauren’s experiences living and working in Europe, North America, Australia as well as back in Aotearoa New Zealand have influenced and informed her unique outlook on wellbeing.

Having experienced the devastation of 2023 cyclone Gabrielle first hand, she has very real and down-to-earth messages around resilience and overcoming adversity and the simplest things that make the hugest difference.

As a speaker, Lauren is consistently top-rated at conferences. She believes in the power of connection and fun and infuses these into her sessions to create an unforgettable experience that will send people away with a spring in their step.

With a business background, strong family links to the rural sector, and a passion for education, Lauren is skilled at adapting to diverse audiences and working across a range of industries.

Highly experienced at online and hybrid events, as well as live in person. Lauren’s specialty areas include, resilience, leadership, building trust and belonging, energy and effectiveness, dealing with stress and anxiety, mental health, motivation, and practical workplace wellbeing ideas that really work.

If you want a speaker who will deliver unstoppable energy and enthusiasm to your conference, look no further.

Talking Points

Leading So People Thrive

Thriving organisations are brought about by strong leadership and a positive, proactive approach. Just as a master gardener creates the right environment for their plants to thrive, leaders must create the ideal workplace environment where their people will thrive. This session maps out Lauren’s 6 keys to building a thriving work culture.


•Understand the costs of stress and poor health and its effect on turnover, engagement and productivity and the business case for prioritising wellbeing.
•Understand how and why to build trust and belonging.
•Discover the energy trifecta and how to boost energy and effectiveness at work.
•Uncover they myths around stress and burnout and how to manage capacity and discover your sweet spot.
•Learn how to speak the right language of appreciation to motivate your team.
•Know how to thrive personally and lead a flourishing team.

How To Thrive - 5 Keys to Vibrant, Confident and Energised

Would you love great health and overflowing energy? Ever feel confused, overwhelmed or not sure where to start?

Nothing is more foundational to success than great health, energy and vitality. As a busy professional it can be difficult to fit in time to exercise or eat well, let alone master the motivation to do so. This session will dispel the myths and give you practical, time-saving strategies to overcome the most common challenges busy people face when improving their health.

Discover Lauren's transformational, holistic framework of Live Well Principles which will guide you to uplift, nourish, invigorate, strengthen and restore your body and mind, equipping you to perform at your peak. Come away with practical steps to boost your health and happiness, to take you from just surviving to truly thriving!


•The number one mindset tool you need to stay motivated and focused
•Time saving nutrition tips that will boost your mood and energy all day long
•How to overcome the biggest exercise myth that stops you from seeing results
•Time saving ways to easily fit exercise into your day to boost both your mood and productivity
•How to wake up every morning feeling vibrant and energised and ready to approach the day with confidence
•How to achieve balance & improve your health & happiness, so you feel fantastic for life

Healthy, happy people are 31% more productive. Just imagine the difference it could make for you and your organisation to increase people’s health, energy and productivity.

Boosting Your Resilience & Ability to Respond

When faced with change, it’s more important than ever to remain resilient and be able to respond in a calm, confident and courageous manner.

This session will focus on the fundamentals of boosting resilience to take a proactive approach to improving health and wellbeing.


•How to boost your resilience so you can respond rather than react
•The keys to a resilient mindset
•How to avoid negative thinking traps
•The keys to ensure you remain physically resilient and strong
•The fundamentals to ensuring deep restorative sleep to improve your decision making ability and performance
•Daily practises that will ensure you stay balanced

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

If you’re after a fun, energising and inspirational session packed with practical ideas - this is for you.

Change, uncertainty and the multiple demands of life can create pressure, stress and anxiety. This session will look (and give people a chance to experience) effective strategies to switch out of the harmful fight or flight mode.
When individuals thrive, an organisation as a whole can thrive and perform at its best.
Equip yourself and your team with these practical tools to survive and thrive even during uncertainty.

The different types of stress and how to capitalise on eustress (good stress)
How the fight or flight response affects your physiology and psychology
Why you need to oscillate and how to do that
The most effective way to trigger your body’s relaxation response
Simple effective strategies to manage and prevent stress from taking over
How to instantly boost your mood and switch out of negative thinking
How to integrate these practises throughout your day for maximum results

Getting a Grip on Time Management

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, or have never-ending to-do lists?
Are you always busy but don’t feel you’re making headway?
Ever run late or wish you could fit more into the day?

During decades of specialising in time management, Robyn Pearce (known as ‘The
Time Queen’) has developed a comprehensive suite of ‘Getting a Grip’ programmes.
Her courses have helped thousands of people solve their productivity challenges.

She has now passed this knowledge on to her daughter-in-law, Lauren Parsons, who
is extensively trained and experienced in all the Getting a Grip materials.

Lauren can help you plan and prioritise, gain clarity, achieve more in less time, hold
more effective meetings and discover the secrets to never running late or ‘dropping the
ball’ on important things, and much more.

The four keys to managing your time
How to overcome the most common challenges
How to ensure you’re focusing on the right things at the right times
Mastering procrastination
How to be more proactive and effective
Tonnes of time saving tips and tricks to improve efficiency
How to factor in sanity gaps to retain balance

Leading So People Thrive

Thriving organisations are brought about by strong leadership and a positive, proactive
approach. This session will help leaders to thrive personally and know how to cultivate a
thriving team environment.

With key principles from Lauren’s book Thriving Leaders Thriving Teams you’ll come away
with a clear blueprint to foster a thriving team culture.

In 2017, the WHO cited leadership commitment and engagement as the most important
factor to achieve healthy workplaces. Come away from this session understanding the
importance of investing energy into workplace wellbeing and having reflected on how you
can create a positive, energised culture where people can perform at their best.

Understand the costs of stress and poor health and its effect on turnover, engagement and productivity and the strong business case for prioritising wellbeing.
Discover the fundamental five Live Well Principles so you can thrive personally.
Learn practical time-saving ways to boost your health, energy and resilience, reduce stress, restore balance and massively increase productivity.
Understand how to ‘Lead like a Master Gardener’ to help you team thrive.
Discover the four pillars of trust and how to avoid the fatal flaws so you can engender trust through your leadership style.
Understand the three keys to boost energy and effectiveness at work.
Learn how to recognise when staff need extra assistance and how to respond.
Understand the key leadership skill of effective recognition and how to deliver meaningful praise.
Discover how to create buy-in and foster positive change through the way you lead.

Snack on Exercise - Boost Your Brain, Energy & Mood

Do you ever feel under tired, lethargic or distracted? Ever wish you could have more
energy and get more done so you end the day feeling productive and satisfied?
How would you like to discover the easiest way to energise your day, increase your
focus and efficiency, as well as boost your mood?

Increase your energy and productivity with this revolutionary, science-backed
technique which will help you flourish and achieve much more. Lauren’s unique snack
on exercise approach will shift your paradigm around exercise, and help you overcome
the ‘no-time’ barrier by easily integrating movement into your day for maximum benefit.

Harness the power of positive movement and learn to manage your time and energy in
order to be more creative, alert, accurate and able to perform at your peak, both
physically and cognitively.

Discover why sitting at a desk and working at a screen for extended periods is inefficient
Be introduced to Lauren Parsons' unique 'Snack on Exercise' philosophy and how it can be applied in the workplace to boost your performance
Learn how to harness the power of your body’s natural ultradian rhythms to create and sustain energy and focus throughout the day
Be equipped with practical strategies to integrate positive movement into your daily routines to make you smarter, more alert and better at decision-making
Be a part of a positive change that creates an energised, positive team culture

How to Stop Technology Ruining Your Life

Technology affects the way that we think, move, work and play. More and more
people are addicted to technology yet often unaware of the wide-reaching negative
impacts this creates for both their wellbeing and ability to perform.

Social media and technology have taken their toll on people’s wellbeing as people
remain constantly connected, yet socially disconnected, overloaded with
information and easily distracted.

If you want to maintain a close-knit team, who are engaged, connected and
performing at their peak - this is the session for you.

The serious negative impacts of technology on relationships, wellbeing and productivity
Why technology is a two-edged sword and how to wield it effectively
How to wrangle technology, avoid information overload and regain control
Practical ways to ensure your

Set Boundaries, Say No and Get What You Want

Have you ever been misunderstood and wondered what went wrong?
Are you constantly managing multiple expectations?
Ever felt like people don’t respect or value you or your opinion?
Want to be empowered to have courageous conversations?

This session will equip you with powerful communication insights and tools that will help overcome the most frequent communication challenges and the common mistakes we make that prevent us from getting what we really want.
Come away empowered with a calm and confident way to communicate clearly, by retaining your personal power and using emotional intelligence to create positive outcomes for everyone involved.

The most common communication mistake people make and how to avoid it
The fundamentals of assertive communication to calmly and respectfully ask for what you really want and need
A new way to approach difficult conversations and the non-confrontational way to change the way people treat you
How to establish positive boundaries that create more freedom and give you hours back every week
Come away equipped with practical strategies you can use immediately in your personal and professional life to reduce stress and help you thrive

Harness the Power of Positive Thought

This session will teach you how to take control of your thoughts so that you can transform your life.
Studies have proven that when your brain is 'in positive' you are more creative, and both more efficient and effective and therefore more successful in anything you do.

Harness the power of your thoughts with techniques founded in neuroscience and learn how to train your subconscious brain to focus on what you want. Discover key strategies to enhance individual happiness and boost brain capacity to significantly increase personal and professional success.

The most important step towards achieving any goal, (which most people don’t practise)
How to stop sabotaging your success and rapidly make progress
How to train your internal GPS to improve outcomes in all areas of your life
The profound power of gratitude and how to harness it every day (without having to write anything down)
The single most effective way to restore calm to your body and brain, boosting mental wellbeing
Why keeping your brain in a positive mood is so beneficial and daily practises you can easily integrate into your life

A Great Place To Work - Team Session

This workshop is designed as a hands-on interactive way for your team to come together to cocreate the culture of their team, using the Emotional Culture Deck, defining what how to create a great place to work.
The objective of the workshop is for your team to discuss and define the desired emotional culture of your workplace, explore how you support each other, increase empathy, understanding and team dynamics.

Through this workshop we will help:
Individuals understand their own and their teammates motivations, desires, needs and fears at work
Build greater empathy for each other
Reinforce the great cultural things that already exist within the team and environment
Define the ways people want to feel at work and start exploring the rituals and behaviours that will support that

How we’ll run the workshop:
We’ll explore how your people want to individually feel and not feel at work
Work together to map how the team want to feel and not feel as a collective to be successful (co-creating and defining your team’s desired culture)
Explore practical ways to build this culture and map out some action steps to positively impact the culture of the team and how they work together day-to-day.
We've worked with Lauren for several years now and cannot recommend her more highly. Utterly professional engaging and adaptable. Lauren is a dream to work with, both in person and in a virtual capacity. Corporate Health & Wellbeing Summit

Brilliant session. Exceeded expectations! Lots of great content and plenty of things we can easily adopt in our own lives.

Flooring Design

Loved by delegates and easy to work with, Lauren has spoken at our live Conferences and Online Summits and has been a superstar every time! She is organised, efficient and articulates her message with energy and passion. Highly recommend working with her!

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