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Ultra Marathon Runner with a Powerful Story


Ex professional endurance athlete, author, documentary maker & serial entrepreneur, Lisa Tamati is a speaker with a powerful story and life changing messages to share.

Lisa is perhaps best known for being the first Kiwi woman to finish the infamous Badwater Ultramarathon which is through hottest desert on earth, running 217km non-stop through Death Valley. Or you may have heard of Lisa when she ran the length of New Zealand (2250km) for charity.

Even before Badwater, and certainly since, Lisa’s adventures have taken her far and wide. She has canoed down the Canadian Yukon, cycle toured through over 25 countries and illegally crossed the Libyan desert. She walked 250km in 7 days, carrying her entire water and food supply on her back and over 140 extreme ultramarathons to her name from the Sahara to the Gobi to the Himalayas.

Whether you want to cover topics of goal setting, overcoming adversity, perseverance, facing your fears, project management, team building, or discipline - Lisa can speak from experience!

Lisa spent a number of years cycling and tramping her way around Europe, Africa, the USA and Canada. Her passion was to explore her personal limits and what she could achieve. After a terrible cycling accident in her early twenties she was left with two broken vertebrae and two compressed discs, she also suffered from severe asthma and was advised that she would never be able to run. Lisa was determined to never let this make a difference in the life she chose to lead and has gone on to run the equivalent of over 2 and a half times around the circumference of the Earth.

She has competed in the most difficult and brutal races on earth including the Sahara and Death Valley in the USA - the unofficial world champs of ultra-running and the hottest desert on Earth!
Lisa is one of only a handful of people to have conquered the Himalayan "The High" race a 222km ultramarathon at extreme altitude which navigates over the two highest motorable passes in the world.
In 2008 Lisa was named Maori Sportswoman of the year and was nominated for "Next" Magazines Sports Woman of the year. Lisa is on The North Face Athletes team is proud to be sponsored by this prestigious brand of adventure clothing which personifies her attitude "Never stop Exploring".

Current work
She has a globally top 200 ranked health and fitness podcast called Pushing the Limits where Lisa interviews world leading experts sharing their knowledge around health, fitness, alternative medicine, biohacking, longevity, health science and more.

Lisa has written two internationally best-selling books Running Hot and Running to Extremes chronicling her adventures, successes, experiences and failures around the world pushing her body to the limits. In 2020, Lisa released her third book Relentless - How a mother and daughter defied the odds where Lisa shares the empowering story of bringing her mother back from the brink of death after she suffered a major brain injury that left her with hardly any higher function at age 74 to full health within 3 years.

Lisa is a successful and talented businesswoman, she runs many health optimisation programs, corporate wellness programs, epigenetics and gene testing programs, run coaching programs, has a longevity and anti-ageing supplements line.
Lisa has also run her own hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic, made many full length adventure documentaries, been a TV show host, columnist for Stuff and makes regular TV media appearances, she has also owned and run ultramarathon events and her own retail and wholesale jewellery operations.

Lisa uses her inspirational story to prove that you can achieve anything you put your mind to!

Talking Points

Extreme sport and what the everyday person can learn from it

Why what you believe dictates your destiny

How do you prepare your body to run a marathon or ultra-marathon

How to overcome the fear of failure

How to get back up after a tragedy, loss or grief

Brain rehabilitation therapies and approaches

Holistic and complementary health and biohacking

Epigenetics - The future of personalised health

Mental toughness and emotional resilience

Overcoming obstacles and not letting fear rule your life

Beating insurmountable odds and never giving up

Why talent isn't as important as mindset

Healthy mind, healthy body

Biohacking therapies, and technologies

Why going "all in" gives you the best chance of success

How to overcome the fear of failure

Why emotional resilience and persistence are key factors in success

Workshop: Building Resilience and Immunity Together

Knowing your body type will help build your resilience and immunity.
When you know your body type you can adjust your day so that it is more effective and productive. You can understand the foundational health routines that will make you stronger.
In this workshop you will learn about the 6 different factors that build foundational health and how they will build your resilience and immunity.

Workshop: Using Food and Exercise to Calm Your Nervous System

In this workshop you will explore the power of chronobiology and learn about what and when to eat and what type of exercise will be good for your body.
You will learn how the human body responds at different times of the day and how to implement a health and lifestyle plan that will complement your business life and calm your nervous system.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could leave work feeling less stressed!

Workshop: Dealing With Stress and Uncertainty

Your environment plays a key role in your health and wellbeing. With a better awareness of your environment you can learn how to remain calm and increase productivity in your workplace.
Making subtle changes to your work and home environment will give you massive health wins.

You will review the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and learn how to control your stress response in different environments and situations.

You will then learn how to apply this in a practical way with techniques that will give you immediate results.

Workshop: The Unbeatable Mindset

In this workshop you will learn about the structure and function of the brain, how much control we can gain over our thoughts and feelings and what tools you need to do this. As you explore the genes of the brain you will learn the practical techniques needed to build and maintain your winners mindset.

Exposure therapy, perception changing, visualisation, sleep, hygiene, sun, heat and exercise are just a few of the tools that you will add to your toolbox so you can keep your mind on track and focused on your goals.
Will power alone won’t do it. If you fall you need to understand how to pick yourself up and create your new normal.
Lisa is such an inspirational and passionate speaker. She has the ability to really connect with the audience and bring out their emotions. At several times during her presentation, people in the audience had tears in their eyes after hearing her incredible story of determination and overcoming the odds in the most challenging of circumstances. We haven’t received such fantastic feedback for any speaker before! Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand

Lisa has made us step up. To see her dogged determination and inner strength facing the odds and knowing no bounds has placed any thought of ever giving up far from our minds. Lisa, we thank you for your candid honesty of the trails and trials across distances than no one of us ever thought possible.

Energy Experience

I really appreciated how Lisa adapted her presentation to work with the NZDF Trentham Mental Health and Wellbeing Week focus. Lisa’s story and achievements are inspiring as well as an example of true courage and resilience. I would highly recommend Lisa for any group or organisation as her journey has something in it for everyone to learn from or be encouraged by

New Zealand Defence Force

Lisa had a fascinating story to tell of her courageous and adventurous life to date, along with sharing her very personal story of her mum’s illness and the journey she and her family have been on together with this. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! Again, thank you so much for providing such an amazing speaker to open our conference - she was amazing!


Lisa was well prepared and arrived early test her presentation as it contained video footage. Our delegates loved Lisa's presentation and feedback has been very positive, stating that they felt inspired and for a couple of the delegates her presentation has provided the motivation to make some life changing decisions. We have used many speakers before and I would rate Lisa as one of the best that we have had.

NZ Recreation Association

Lisa was amazing, relevant, real, honest and engaging. She received a 3 min standing ovation at the end. Feedback has been exceptional. Lisa was a pleasure to deal with and stayed around to speak with individuals at the end. Lisa was one of the best conference presenters we’ve seen in years. So pleased we engaged with her!

Heritage Lifecare

Having Lisa as our opening speaker at our conference was a superb choice: inspirational, authentic and engaging, relatable. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experience, and the reality that is your life - you are amazing!

Taranaki District Council

Such a powerful presentation. To get a standing ovation from our people was just outstanding. Thank you so much for your energy and telling your story with such passion

Hello World

Lisa is an amazing, engaging speaker. Her stories were very personal, and quite incredible in terms of her endurance, inner strength and relentless drive, and she relayed them powerfully and effectively. The audience were totally engaged. We knew Lisa would be great but she exceeded our expectations as a speaker.

Lexvoco Legal Operations

You were the favourite speaker of the day. Combining personal stories, humour and strong principles to deliver a powerful message. As a professional speaker myself I know when someone is good and you are very good, I would highly recommend you to any organisation looking for an inspiring speaker to take their team to a whole new level


Lisa Tamati was funny, engaging, and also profound and inspirational. Good use of videos which really helped her story come to life. She was awe inspiring. So many people came up to me and said they could have listened to her stories all night. The time flew by. Her determination, passion, enthusiasm, easy manner and sheer grit is amazing. I would recommend her without hesitation.

New Zealand Steel

Lisa was outstanding! Her enthusiasm and authenticity is second to none, and the learnings along her life journey shared with us last weekend had motivated our team and we walked away with MASSIVE smiles (and purchased several of her books - which reminds me I need to download her podcast!). We wanted an impactful, kiwi-born, full of heart speaker who can speak and relate to our team - she did that and more! We knew she'd be great, but everything was on point to the message we wanted our team to understand - working together, perseverance, routine, get-back-up, try again, you have a team behind you!! So that was amazing - thanks Lisa, thank you Steph & Rachel


Lisa called my the morning of the event to let me know she was going through a family emergency, to which I immediately assumed she wouldn't be able to make it, but as the strong-willed runner that she is, her perseverance shines in every aspect of her life it seems. She was extremely professional and her speech was the perfect fit for our event, many of our awards winners took on what she said and quoted her in their acceptance speeches. She really made an impact of the students.

University of Canterbury Students Association

Todd Energy is always seeking to provide a range of interesting and thought-provoking speakers and presenters to its people, and Lisa’s presentation was inspiring and very well received.

Todd Energy
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