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Trend Forecaster & Business Strategist


Michael McQueen is a multi-award-winning speaker, trend forecaster, and bestselling author of nine books.

With clients including KPMG, Pepsi, and Cisco, he has helped some of the world’s most successful brands navigate disruption and maintain momentum.
Michael is a regular commentator on TV and radio and his work has featured in publications ranging from the UK Daily Mail to and the Huffington Post. In addition, Michael is a familiar face on the international conference circuit having shared the stage with the likes of Bill Gates, Dr. John Maxwell, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.
Michael has spoken to over 500,000 people across 5 continents since 2004 and is known for his engaging, entertaining, and practical conference presentations.
Having been formerly named Australia’s Keynote Speaker of the Year, Michael has been inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.

Talking Points

Mastering the art of Momentum

The secret to achieving effortless and enduring growth
We all love being on a roll, in the zone and firing on all cylinders - that flow-state sensation where everything just seems to work.

But what happens when the groove becomes a rut, inspiration evaporates or your mojo disappears?

Enduring success and growth for any business today is dependent on building and maintaining unstoppable momentum.

Session overview

Inspiring keynote presentation, audiences discover:

- The art and science of momentum - where momentum comes from and why it makes all the difference when you’ve got it working for you
- A practical and powerful formula for building momentum individually or in a team
- How to get into a flow state of peak productivity on a daily basis
- The role that focus and consistency play in ensuring a groove doesn’t become a rut over time

Audience members will leave this presentation with a clear action plan for achieving effortless growth and maintaining it over the long haul.

MASTERING THE ART OF MOMENTUM is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.

The Case for Character

Why trusted brands are more lucrative, loved and long-lasting.
In this revealing, practical and compelling keynote presentation, bestselling author and trend forecaster Michael McQueen highlights why character matters more than ever.

In the coming years, consumers will demand ever-greater transparency, trustworthiness and values-alignment from the brands and businesses they engage with - a trend that leaders and organisations ignore at their peril.

In this research-rich & compelling keynote presentation, audiences will discover:

- Why the marketplace today is more skeptical and discerning - and how this creates an enormous opportunity.
- How purpose-driven and values-based brands have proven to be more lucrative, loved, and longer lasting than their competitors.
- How to build or rebuild trust through credibility, consistency, clarity and congruence.

Audience members will leave this session with a blueprint for becoming an individual, brand or organisation that stands for something - and reaps the rewards of doing so.

The CASE FOR CHARACTER is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote presentation or an extended half day program.

De-Coding The Millennial Mindset

The essential guide to understanding and engaging the next generation.

No organization or business can afford to ignore Millennials. In addition to being the largest generation in history, they possess over 30% of consumer spending power and make up half of the working population.

Having conducted one the world’s most extensive studies into the defining attitudes and values of Millennials, Michael McQueen has a unique insight into the next generation.

Session overview

In this high-energy, humorous & compelling keynote presentation, audiences discover:

- The common myths and misconceptions many leaders and businesses believe about millennials (even if they don’t know it)
- The core beliefs, mindsets and expectations of next-generation consumers and employees
- The secret to engaging, persuading and motivating millennials
- A range of proven and practical strategies for being relevant to a younger cohort

Audience members will leave this presentation with a clear action plan for bridging the generation gap and powerfully engaging Millennials as either consumers or employees.

DE-CODING THE MILLENNIAL MINDSET is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.

Teaching for Tomorrow

How to future-proof our schools, students and educational system
Over a century ago, the great educationalist John Dewey warned, “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” This insight is more relevant now than ever before.
As we brace for a perfect storm of technological and social change, the need for educational transformation has never been greater.

TEACHING FOR TOMORROW is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full-day program.

Session Overview.In This Research-Rich & Compelling Keynote Presentation, Audiences Discover:
- The 5 MEGATRENDS that will dominate the coming decades
- 4 ‘CAPABILITY GAPS’ in today’s students that may leave them ill-equipped for what lies ahead
- The 4 KEY PARADIGM SHIFTS educators will need to make to remain relevant in turbulent times
- 5 PROVEN STRATEGIES for making innovation and agility part of the DNA in education

Audience members will leave this presentation with a clear action plan for engaging today’s students while equipping them for tomorrow.
Teaching For Tomorrow is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full-day program.

Preparing Now for What's Next

How to bullet-proof your business model in turbulent times.

Every business and industry today is facing a perfect storm of disruption and upheaval. In the face of the changes ahead, agility and adaptability will be more important than ever. The future success and survival of your organization will rest on the ability to anticipate, prepare for and pre-empt disruption.

Session overview

In this fast-paced & compelling keynote presentation,
audiences discover:

- The 4 forms that disruption will take in the coming decade
- The key technology trends that will shape the future including artificial intelligence, robotics and business automation
- The common culture and mindset traps that will set any organization on a collision course with obsolescence and how to avoid them
- Proven and practical strategies for staying one step ahead of change and remaining relevant

Audience members will leave this presentation with a clear action plan for navigating disruption and emerging stronger than ever.

Preparing Now for What’s Next is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.

Maintaining Momentum in Tough Times

Crises are rarely convenient and they’re never fun. As the world confronts the single biggest disruption in living memory, how we and our organisations navigate the coming months will be critical.
Having spent over 15 years studying the secrets to achieving enduring success and momentum in the business, 8-time bestselling author Michael McQueen knows what it takes to thrive in turbulent times.

Michael’s research indicates 3 keys to navigating crises and emerging from upheaval stronger than ever:

1. Control the Controllables
In the face of fear and uncertainty, the most powerful thing organizations and leaders can do is focus on what is within their power - namely their activity. Michael shows how to ensure that your energies are being directed in the smartest and most strategic ways.
2. Deal with Distractions
For individuals navigating the distractions and disruptions of working remotely, achieving focus has never been harder or mattered more. Drawing on the latest research, Michael outlines the keys to achieving peak productivity and a 'flow-state’ even in the most challenging environments.
3. Cultivate Consistency
Establishing healthy rhythms and routines is essential to flourishing in times of upheaval. Michael offers a proven game plan for developing positive and consistent habits that will set up an individual or organisation to emerge from this crises with a powerful competitive edge.

Winston Churchill famously advised leaders to “never let a good crisis go to waste.” While challenging times can sometimes seem overwhelming, they also provide a powerful opportunity to sow the very seeds of your future success if you know how.

The Post-Crisis Kickstart

The secret to accelerated growth and sustained momentum.

In the wake of any crisis, smart businesses and leaders recognise the importance of kickstarting their momentum - and fast.

Having spent over 15 years studying the dynamics of dynamism in organizations, 8-time bestselling author Michael McQueen knows what it takes to create unstoppable momentum in a business or team.

Session Overview:
- The 3 COMMON TRAPS that DERAIL SUCCESS - and how to avoid them
- How to achieve a RHYTHM of unforced PRODUCTIVITY and FLOW STATE
- The key momentum mindsets that can SUPERCHARGE GROWTH and CREATE AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over the competition
- The DAILY HABITS that ensure good intentions translate into SUSTAINED RESULTS

Audiences will leave this in-person or virtual presentation armed with a practical action plan for achieving a new level of momentum and maintaining it over the long haul.

THE POST-CRISIS KICKSTART is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full-day program.

The New Now

Preparing for the trends that will dominate a post-COVID world

The coronavirus pandemic acted like a time machine bringing 2030 forward to 2020. As the turmoil subsides and a new era dawns, smart leaders are turning their attention to where opportunity now lies and how to gear up for the future.
Session overview
In this fast-paced & compelling keynote presentation, audiences will discover:
• The COVID-inspired shifts in CONSUMER HABITS and EXPECTATIONS that are here to stay
• The key ways ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, QUANTUM COMPUTING and AUGMENTED REALITY accelerated rapidly during the pandemic and how this offers exciting new possibilities for those that are prepared
• The role that GEN Z are playing in redefining industry norms and how to win in a post-Millennial marketplace
• How to foster ENGAGEMENT, COLLABORATION and CULTURE when leading remote and hybrid teams
Audience members will leave this presentation with a clear game plan for navigating the new now.
The New Now is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.

Move Over Millennials… Here Come Gen Z

In this short video, bestselling author and trend forecaster Michael McQueen explores the defining attitudes and attributes of Gen Z.
Michael McQueen offers information that is relevant to everyone and anyone. His presentation at our client luncheon attracted enormous interest and was engaging, insightful and humorous. Feedback from audience members was fantastic and he has certainly raised the bar for next year. Australian Super

Michael McQueen offers a fascinating and entertaining insight into the modern generation of young people. His fact-filled presentation would be of great benefit to all parents, teachers and policy makers.

The Australian International School

Michael's presentation is both engaging and inspiring. His strategies for engaging our Gen Y people really hit the mark.


Michael picked up on the theme of the conference and gave an engaging and thought provoking talk with great energy. Most of the speakers welded many of the messages from Michael's talk into their own presentations and many delegates replied it was a great conference with Michael's opening talk really making it an outstanding success.

Feedworks Pty Ltd

Michael’s presentations are entertaining & relevant for all businesses.


Michael’s presentation scored one of the highest delegate ratings we’ve ever seen.

The Eventual Group

Michael’s presentation gives an insight into the extent of change likely in education.

Greystanes High School

Michael’s message is one that needs to be shared with all school educators.

Mendooran Central School
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