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Trusted Advisor, Global Thinker & Foresight Strategist


Nothing feels more natural to Morris Misel than challenging the status quo.

He’s forever imagining what a different world might look like.

Morris was born to be a futurist. The son of World War II survivors, who had seen the world crumbling around them, he grew up in a household that believed there would always be a better tomorrow.

This belief has become his lifelong passion. Through powerful storytelling and practical and uncanny insights, Morris takes some of the world’s biggest organisations and brands on a journey that enables them to see what tomorrow might look like - long before they experience it.
A hell-raiser to the core. Morris is known to hurl metaphorical hand-grenades into rooms to push companies to unshackle from legacy systems and stuck-in-the past thinking.

A conversation with Morris often starts with making people uncomfortable, in order to get them comfortable to dream - big, bold, audacious dreams.

He’s teeming with questions about the world around us. Through childlike wonder and curiosity, Morris approaches organisational challenges from the viewpoint that tomorrow is under our control - and it can be transformed.

Current Work:

He’s no Nostradamus though. Through his depth-of-knowledge he hypothesises, rather than predicts what lies ahead.

For over 30 years, Morris has been methodically collecting evidence and information across 160 industries. He’s also picked up an assortment of weird and wonderful facts, much like a bowerbird. It’s through this wide lens that he provides bespoke and matter-of-fact exchanges, exercises and experiences so organisations can understand what their future potential might be in the marketplace.

Through his inquisitiveness and human-centric approach to future thinking, Morris motivates businesses to do things differently - by shifting and shaping their thinking. He assists them to see their own industry with clarity they may not have been able to before. It’s these a-ha moments that gives Morris the greatest joy and drive.

Morris has identified opportunities in all sorts of areas, from dynamic architecture and active bedding to the aged-care workforce and digital twinning. He was speaking about digital wallets, branded fruit and vegetables and smart homes and cities well before they became a reality.
To Morris, everything that businesses do and believe in is a construct of the mind. It can be broken down - and rebuilt for a successful future.

No matter your business type, Morris will assist you to smash all the barriers that are boxing you in.

He is lively, forthright and a truly global thinker, who will awaken your creative force.

Previous Experience:

To get to where he is, Morris has worn many hats. By the age of 18, he was living an entrepreneurial life running a direct mail business. However, moving from his garage-bound business to the global stage, including delivering a TEDx talk, took a few more steps. He spent many years as an academic in management and marketing and even ventured behind prison bars, to work as a Chaplain. He’s also Australia’s first and only futurist in the Einstein 100 Genius (G100) alumni, an honour he shares with the exceptional, Barbara Streisand. More recently Morris has been working closely with Griffith University as an ambassador and Adjunct Industry Fellow.

Talking Points

Futureverse - Morris’s most requested keynote

Your Future Explored
Explore, identify, analyse and make sense of the key technology, human, societal and innovation horizon trends that are likely to impact on your business and industry.

Forget the clichés, the hype and the tech babble and let’s see what’s really going on in your human-centric future world, business and industry, starting today and looking out 18 - 24 months ahead, or as far out as you’d like.

Each, keynote, workshop, or conversation is crafted to meet your exact “future” needs and here’s just some of the future flavours that others have asked Morris to focus on:
- New Landscapes - How the rise of digital is changing the nature of lifestyles, society, government, global business, and industry competition
- Embracing the Exponentials - The potential evolution, applications, and impacts of key exponential technologies and developments such as AI, blockchain, and human enhancements over the next 5-20 years
- Rewiring Mindsets - Placing customers, employees, and mindset shift as the centre of strategies to make you stand out in a digitized and automated world
- Futureproofing your Organisation - Changing mindsets, developing foresight, raising digital literacy, building capability, and increasing curiosity, flexibility, and resilience,
- Securing A Very Human Future - Practical and radical policy options and experiments to help individuals and society survive and thrive in the transition to the smart economy
- Extraordinary Leadership - Developing leaders’ abilities to help their organizations navigate a rapidly changing reality.

Morris has delivered 1,000’s of one-off keynotes under this title around the globe, each a specialist piece, each dedicated 100% to that client, audience and industry.

You don’t have to pay for customisation with this keynote, it’s the only way it comes, lovingly handcrafted from your detailed brief, researched and delivered 100% relevant to your audience, your outcomes, your business and your industry. This presentation is never the same twice!
The secret sauce is that it’s built fresh to your unique specifications, tailored to your audience; introductory, intermediate and advanced level keynotes are all possible; industry specific stories and examples are the norm; and the journey we go on, the trend horizons we stop at and the things we explore along the way are all determined by what your audience needs to know and how they most enjoy discovering it.

Who’s it for:
This opening or closing keynote’s a universal piece, with something for everyone. It can be pitched to all ages, job titles and responsibility levels, and is equally enjoyed by sceptics, the wary and the believers. It can also be the basis for panel discussions, workshops, fireside chats, boardroom lunches and on-going foresight programs.

What will humans do when machines do it all?

Future of Work- an exploration of the how, why, where and when of tomorrow’s workplaces, people and machines.

The future brings the possibility of new work adventures for both humans and machines and with a global focus, a decentralised workforce, no mandated retirement age, no job descriptions and almost certainly no 9-5 culture, it’s a stark contrast to today.

Combining human, technological, economic and political trends and data, blended with three decades of eerily successful hypotheses on the future of humanity, business and work, Morris Miselowski, global Business Futurist will transport you to and explore the possible futures of a 2030 life and work landscape and the impacts this will have on you and your industry.

Disrupt Like a Start-Up

There’s a reason start-ups are so disruptive, they don’t care what’s been done before, everything is fair game to them and they zig whilst the established industry zags.

Most of the serious competition and industry disruption nowadays, doesn’t come from existing players, it comes from challengers outside the industry and from people and companies that have never been heard of before and wouldn’t have stood a chance of entering your world ten years ago.

In this brave new world one of the best ways of figuring out what lies ahead, is to follow the start-up’s and the money and in this keynote Morris does exactly that as he takes you on a guided tour of the ecosystem around your industry, tracks down the start-ups in your space, gets a sense for how they see your industry and the potential they see in it; takes a look at what they’re innovating and inventing and also looks at who’s funding them, for how much and why.

This is not a voyeuristic journey, but one of pure practical discovery. The lessons you learn, the insights you gain, and the understanding of your future marketplace can all be immediately ploughed back into your thinking, strategy, tactics, products and services turning you into your own Disruptive Start Up.

Trust, Is Love Rebranded

The Future of Trust

Trust is the most basic of human emotions, but in today’s hectic, growing, always on and exposed world it’s difficult to know who or what to trust.

For millennium we have trusted family, school, religion and society to be our moral compass and trust guide, but increasingly we are seeing each of these institutions falter and fall.

Add to this a burgeoning digital world where blind trust is often artificial and manipulated, where numbers are used to measure and project trust and where millions of online influencers, both human and bots, offer opinions to persuade us to friend them, believe them, buy from them, or promote them.

How will business and individuals engender and maintain trust?

Who, why and what will we trust in the future?

Exploring this fascinating evolving landscape Morris exposes the changing trust bonds between humans to humans, technology to humans, humans to technology and technology to technology, outlines the six (6) elements of trust each of us needs to have and project and shares how to gain, nurture and spread trust in a human-centric future world.

Ageing Disgracefully

The Future of Ageing, Aged Care and Retirement.

Todays’ baby boomers will routinely live to 100, their children to 120 and their grandchildren to 150, but they will also earn income into their 90’s.

This never before seen group of vibrant 60+’s also vow to remain active and vital, age disgracefully, with as little intervention and as much independence as possible, and create a lifestyle, world and home that is theirs and tailored to their ageing and changing needs.

What will Baby Boomers and Generation X want in their retirement years and what will the 3 generations following them want for their parents, grandparents and great grandparents?

What will this new world of ageing mean to the notion of family, culture and society?

What impact will a world where longevity, independence and good health are the norm, have on tomorrow and beyond and what are the (r)evolutions ahead that we will need to face and to conquer?


You pick your unique product, industry or corner of the future and Morris will research it and bring it to life.

We are all racing towards the same incredible broad future and for some industries and some topics what that might look like is a bit easier to figure out, but you’re not in that category, your future horizon is a little harder to determine, a bit more obscure, a bit niche and a bit left of centre.

Never fear, Morris love a challenge and a research project (it’s the old academic in him and a history of global foresight consulting across 160+ industries, over 30+ years) and together you’ll figure out what might be ahead for you, your business or your industry.

This one definitely starts with a long chat to work through your topic idea(s), purpose, horizon span, audience and required outcomes and then he’ll start the ball rolling with heaps of research, lots of chats with his mates around the world, lots of cage rattling, conversations and pulling in of favours, insights, foresights and educated hunches which will all get blended together and turned into foresight gold - aka #YourFuture.

So, throw him a topic, an industry, a hashtag, a meme, a direction, a trend, or whatever - the more obscure the better and let’s figure out what your part of a Future World might look like.
Below are some of the #YourFuture topics I’ve researched and spoken on in the last 12 months
#Business2025 // #Fintech // #Banking2020 // #Aged Care // #Retirement // #FutureFarms // #Physiotherapy // #ThinkLikeAStartUp// #AustralianTourism // #BigData // #AutonomousCars // #Mobility // #Education // #DeathandDying // #Beaches2050 //#BedsandSleep // #FutureOfTransport // #Travel // #ToysAndHobbies // #Housing // #Construction // Cities // Manufacturing2025 // #HealthAndWellness // #Libraries // #Media // #LessCashSociety // #Philanthropy // Beaches // #Parks // #Recreation // #SharingEconomy // #TheFamily // #Wearables // #Robots // #Retail // #eVoting // #RoleOfGovernment // #LawEnforcement // #Hotels // #Innovation // #Manufacturing // #Poverty // #RotationalMoulding // #LivingWage // #GenerationalChange // #Longevity // #TomorrowsLeaders // #Trends // #ThinkLikeAFuturist // #ArtificialIntelligence // #AugmentedReality // #VirtualReality // #FoodTrends// #Kitchens // #CarParking // #Roads // #Insurance
Your presentation was incredible; I wish I had seen you earlier. We have made such monumental changes in such a short amount of time, and it is absolutely because we saw, and now see, our business through your eyes. It is the most profitable time we have ever spent and we look forward to working with you on going - what a return on our investment. Foley's List

I knew I had done the right thing the minute you began talking. You were almost clairvoyant in your ability to understand my business and to tell me things I had never known about myself, my business, my industry and my staff - but should have - and all from the stage and in just 60 minutes. The tips and suggestions you gave me have been invaluable. I can't stop telling my friends and clients about you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Chek Institute Australia

Wow, talk about a roller coaster ride. I learnt more in 90 minutes about my future, myself, my business and what I really need to do to move forward than I have in the past five years. I appreciate your frankness and bluntness, although it did take me a while to get to use to it and what you already knew about my industry, my competitors and what I wanted to achieve, was mighty impressive.

Cleancorp (NSW)

Your disarming presentation style snuck up on me with a punch when I realised that I was learning so much about tomorrow's world and having so much fun. It's a whole new frontier and with your insights I am ready to take the world on - head first.

Star Industries

Our in-house strategy workshop that you facilitated was incredible. In one day we covered more ground and saw with more clarity then we have ever done before and I was blown away by your preparation, knowledge, insight, skills and ability to help us maintain focus, momentum and energy - you're a keeper.

Holmesglen TAFE
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