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Co-founder of Achilles International New Zealand


Peter has spent nearly 30 years getting the best out of people who didn't know their own potential, helping them achieve goals they didn't think were possible. He has learnt to see beyond the disability and identify the human spirit within.

Peter is a co-founder of Achilles International New Zealand, and for nearly 30 years, has been helping athletes with disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics. That includes stroke survivors, people with cerebral palsy, amputees, paraplegics, and the visually impaired.

Only a few years ago Peter feared he would never walk again himself following a freak mountain bike accident resulting in him breaking his neck.

His message is about finding your focus and being disciplined about getting to where you need to go, there will be challenges but it is how you deal with those challenges that decides your success or failure and his message is "See the Person first, not the disability, race, religion, sex or colour" when that happens we all win!

Peter has a 30 year head start on making a positive social impact through inclusion and seeing the person first and it has greatly benefited and fulfilled his personal and professional life. In that time Peter has completed 3 Oxfam 100km races, 25 marathons and inspired 300+ disabled athletes to change their lives forever by completing the New York Marathon.

Peter relates his experiences with individual athletes in a very moving and humorous presentation and show teams œIt's not what you have been given it's what you do with what you've got

Our social impact and kindness need to be realigned with everything we do if we are going to be successful negotiating a post COVID-19 world. We can't lose the momentum that has been started.

Through Peter's storytelling, your audience will be inspired to re-examine how they interact with their colleagues, customers, and partners. His keynote will challenge attitudes about ˜diversity and differences' and empower your audience to celebrate and grow from adversity.

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