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Global authority on a new era of trust


Rachel Botsman is the leading thinker and author on trust in the modern world. By distilling complex ideas into clear and compelling content, she gives us the tools to understand trust - what it means, how it works and why it’s so important for every aspect of our lives.

Current Work

Rachel is the author of two groundbreaking books. What’s Mine is Yours (2010) predicted the rise of the ‘sharing economy’ and was subsequently named by TIME as one of the “Ten Ideas That Will Change the World”. Her highly acclaimed work Who Can You Trust? (2017) is a profound exploration of how technology is revolutionising human trust and was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards.

Rachel designed and teaches two courses at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and has been a prominent speaker at world-class events for more than a decade. A dynamic and witty storyteller, she is a master at connecting with audiences - opening their minds and stirring them into action. Her three TED talks have been viewed more than 4 million times and delegates consistently rate her as the top keynote speaker at the global events that she attends. Clients have called Rachel “transformational” and “captivating”; her presentations create a buzz that resonates long after the final word.

Rachel is an advisor to boards, senior leaders and governments around the world, helping organisations to build trustworthy cultures. She has been invited to speak to companies as diverse as Accenture, Goldman Sachs, Dorchester Collection, Microsoft and Salesforce, as well as at conferences such as the Drucker Forum, the World of Business Forum and the World Economic Forum.

As the go-to voice on trust, Rachel has a strong, insightful and engaging media presence across publications and channels such as The Economist, The Guardian, Financial Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Wired, the BBC and CNN.

Previous Experience

Honours and awards:
Young Global Leader - World Economic Forum
Breakthrough Idea Award - Thinkers50
Top 50 Management Thinkers in the World - Thinkers50
Top 100 Most Creative People in Business - Fast Company
Top 20 Speakers in the World - Monocle
‘Progressive Voice’ Women of the Year Award 2018 - InStyle
LinkedIn Influencer

Talking Points

The Currency Of Trust

Leaders in organizations of all shapes and sizes are asking the same question:
How do we build more trust?

Yet it’s not quite the right question to be asking. Trust is given to us; it’s something we earn slowly, over time. It sounds simple but it's increasingly challenging when it feels like we are living in an age of trust on speed. From a decade of research and working with Fortune 500 companies, Rachel has observed how the way we think and talk about trust often doesn’t reflect the way trust works in the digital age. She provides clear insights into how we can make smarter trust decisions in different areas of our life. Through engaging stories, Rachel explains the four traits that create trustworthy environments and how to empower leaders, employees and colleagues to harness the true value of trust.

This keynote will give you:

• A clear understanding of why trust is fundamental for any organization or relationship to survive and thrive.What the great ‘trust shift’ means for leaders, companies and start-ups
• The four foundational traits of trustworthiness: competence, reliability, integrity and empathy.
•A powerful way of thinking and talking about trust, setting you up to be a better leader, team player, partner and parent.

Who Can You Trust In The Digital Age?

From government to business, banks to the media, trust in institutions is at an all-time low. We might have lost faith in some organizations and leaders, but millions of people hop into cars with strangers, exchange digital currencies, or depend on algorithms for recommendations. We still trust: but not the way we used to. Digital technologies are creating one of the biggest trust shifts in history - from institutions to individuals. Drawing on her latest book Who Can You Trust?, Rachel explains why trust and influence now lie more with ‘the people’ - family, friends, colleagues, even strangers - than with experts or elites. This eye-opening keynote provides a dynamic guide to how trust is built, managed, lost and repaired in the digital age.

This keynote will give you:

• A clear understanding of new possibilities and challenges created by a new era of ‘distributed trust’
• A profound way of thinking about the difference between transparency and trust (and why one does not necessarily lead to the other)
• A new lens for framing disruption and change through a trust shift

Lessons In Persuasion: Trust Leaps

Imagine the first time we swallow a digital-tracking pill, hand over our life to a self-driving car or let a robot babysit our kids. There’s one thing all these leaps require: trust. But in an era where we are increasingly alarmed about issues like tech addiction and privacy, how can we be persuaded over the chasm of fear and encouraged to take a risk on something new? In this dynamic keynote, Rachel reveals the fascinating relationship between trust, risk and innovation. Bringing together a wide range of research and stories, she explains ways to overcome common trust barriers and how people learn to trust strangers, products and ideas.

This presentation will give you:

• A clear understanding of how trust leaps enable innovation and change.
• A new way of thinking about the trust state of your customers and employees.
• A new lens on efficiency, speed and trust
Rachel Botsman was excellent. For our audience, she was right on key with her presentation. Her content was exactly what we needed for our program. Her presentation style and delivery was dynamic, engaging, humorous and thought-provoking. One of the best keynote's we've had! The Association to Advance Colegiate Schools of Business

Without buying into the shallow potential of the latest fad, be that Twitter or Facebook, Botsman takes a more intelligent long view of how technology will change the terms on which people live and work.


From the moment we spoke about what I was trying to achieve with the conference to the feedback received it was evident that Rachel is a genuine world class speaker who knows how to stir thinking and encourage an audience to open their minds. Her polished but warm style coupled with her relevant and clever stories leave an audience with a genuine sense of wonder and awe but most importantly it leaves them curious and hungry for more!

Commonwealth Bank

Rachel was phenomenal. Her ability to engage the audience, throw light on intriguing topics and future predictions and her fast flow of the presentation and content was fantastic and second to none. First class performance.

Toll Group

Her talk at Microsoft Research both provoked and inspired, setting off an active conversation that continues to this day and world-wide within the company.

Microsoft Research

Not one single day has gone by since the event without external & internal commendations on her engagement with our audience. Her message really connected and impacted the entire audience. It was also evident via our social engagement metrics.


We had a wonderful event with Rachel. She was pretty amazing - an accomplished, intelligent and humble speaker who was a delight to work with. Her subject matter was highly relevant and members loved it - rating it 9.7. It was my favourite learning event this year and I'd love to welcome her back.

Entrepreneurs' Organisation - Sydney

Rachel is one of a very rare breed of presenters with the ability to simultaneously awe a room into silence, super charge them possibility and call forth a powerful drive towards innovative thinking. She has grace and strength in her delivery and intelligence and candour in her content and the gift to inspire all generations in her positioning. But more than all that, her presentations resonate with you and your organisation long after the chairs have been stacked away. I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough.

LJ Hooker

The feedback from her session on trust has been wonderful! All of our delegates really felt they could take a lot away and actually apply it, which of course is our ultimate goal.

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