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World champion surfer, author and inspirational speaker.


Shaun has shared his academically tested Code Leadership Method around the world, from high-powered boardrooms in the US and Europe to rural schools in South Africa.

A former World Sur?ng Champion, Shaun was named one of the 10 Greatest Surfers of All Time. He has a Bachelor's in Business Administration, a Master of Science in Leadership from Northeastern University and has created two popular apparel brands, Instinct and Solitude (co-founded with his wife Carla).

He is the author of the best sellers Surfer's Code and The Code - The Power of "I Will". He produced and co-wrote the documentary ?lm Bustin' Down the Door (2006) and is a past board member of Surfrider Foundation and the Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Club.

Talking Points

Surfer’s Code - 12 Simple Lessons for Riding through Life

Unlock An Attitude of Commitment & Positivity

With his unique and empowering business philosophy based on his “Surfer’s Code - 12 Simple Lessons for Riding through Life”, Shaun Tomson shows the influence of positive values on success in life and business and will transform how you think about connecting, communicating and collaborating. Based on his own experiences in and out of the surf, Shaun Tomson has inspired and touched the hearts of audiences all over the world. Shaun’s attitude of Commitment and Positivity has inspired corporations like General Motors, Cisco, Price Waterhouse, Gap, Sasol, Disney, Google, Investec, Primedia, MTN and Adcock Ingram.

Shaun Tomson offers up a profound set of action principles to show one how to get back on the board after a wipeout and paddle back out to catch and successfully ride the next wave. We all live in a challenging sea and our attitude towards those challenges defines who we are, and how we live our lives.

The Code for the Next Wave - Virtual

A live, virtual, multi-camera keynote and workshop to inspire, connect and engage remote teams in this turbulent time. A powerful process to activate the power of purpose to catch the next wave.

Leadership Resilience Speaker, best-selling author, entrepreneur and former World Surfing Champion Shaun Tomson has teamed up with organizational learning specialists, Joshua Mitchell and Brad Batesole of Madecraft, to create unique, live and interactive conferences that can be experienced by thousands of employees, even while working from home.

In the short term, in the era of social distancing, organizations will all have to change the way they do business and change how their employees interact with one another. Tens of millions of employees have transitioned to working at home, and this period of physical and psychological disruption presents new issues for organizations which are faced with four fundamental and immediate challenges.

- Employee stress caused by anxiety about job security; their own and their families’ safety and wellbeing; being overwhelmed by working in crisis mode on a sustained basis; adjusting to working from home.
- Employee disengagement from one another and from organizational purpose
- Potential erosion of productivity
- Lack of motivation

We believe we can alleviate these issues with our live, virtual keynotes and interactive workshops which will motivate, inspire and educate remote teams and employees to remain engaged with each other, and the organization’s core purpose. These are intentionally designed experiences, built to be instructionally sound, enriched with quality slides and graphics, interactive, and captured in a way to make the audience truly feel connected.

With the world in a state of flux and employees working from home, individuals need to maintain a deep connection to their organization. Curated, online, live and inspirational conferences are the wave of the future with many financial benefits accruing including reduced costs associated with flights, hotels, food and conference venue.

However, the real benefit is not financial but psychological - virtual live keynotes and workshops safely maintain the connectivity amongst individuals across regions and can unite and inspire separated individuals and teams with a mission of a shared purpose.

What’s on the agenda:
- A virtual keynote drawing upon my unique experiences as a world-champion surfer and entrepreneur.
- A 20-minute session in which each participant is guided on writing their Code - a 12-line commitment to (re)awaken purpose, and (re)connect and empower others with heart, courage, and presence, each line beginning with “I will.”
- An interactive process of participants texting their “I will…” statements that are shown via Poll Everywhere on a powerpoint slide. This process connects individuals at a deeply emotional level and creates a wave of positive emotional contagion to inspire and uplift in this challenging time.
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