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Challenging, inspirational speaker who will get results

Be who you choose to believe you are.

Sian may be the most sought after person you have never heard of.
As an executive coach, board member and speaker, her skills have international appeal.

Major life challenges and negative beliefs had a profound effect on her life, so she sought change and hit a major discovery:
“I am, who I choose to believe I am.”

Entertaining, motivational and funny, her relatable storytelling can “change lives across a crowded auditorium”. Sharing her real-life stories, Sian’s vulnerability and honesty is inspirational.

Sian speaks on a wide range of topics including leadership, work culture, change, work stress, mental health, diversity, relationships and bariatric surgery. She can meet your requirements by crafting a keynote drawn from real life experience.

Sian’s former roles sought to protect people, ensuring the care and protection of society’s most vulnerable people. Today, Sian aspires in each keynote and coaching session to ensure that every person feels safe and has tangible, real evidence of the change and success they are looking for.

A former Head of Inspection for Social Services and Manager of Children’s prisons, Sian has always sought to protect the lives of society’s most vulnerable.
Today, Sian takes these skills into the boardroom by assessing risk, protecting management and staff, and building a more compassionate, results driven future. She is unafraid to walk into the messy and difficult conversations our lives throw at us.

Sian’s life journey has also taught her some harsh realities about fitting in, being ‘good enough’ and having self value. At the age of 10, Sian was classified as educationally ‘subnormal’. Rejected by the state education system, and bullied by her peers - Sian was looking at a very different life, if not for her psychiatric nurse parents.
In 1975, at the age of 14, Sian was the first person in the UK to be assessed as dyslexic.

Sian attributes knowing and understanding her values as what got her through some major life crises. Her journey includes facing meningitis, almost dying in childbirth, redundancy, burnout, whistle blowing twice on government organisations, and being diagnosed with cancer four days before immigrating with her family to New Zealand.
Most recently, Sian has undergone bariatric surgery, and speaks on the realities of making such a life changing decision.

Sian has also hosted and contributed to two prime-time television series: The Big Stuff on TV3 and Starting Over on Vibe Sky TV. Both series sold internationally and assisted people to breakthrough crisis situations and create new opportunities.

Current Work
Sian is the person you want by your side in a crisis. She works worldwide with companies; top sports stars, management teams, charities, individuals and families.

As a leading professional speaker, board member and executive coach, she shares an inspirational message about our personal responsibility to take a leadership role in our own lives. Her skills developed in risk management and creating a positive working environment has made her a highly sought-after board member.

Sian has also released an online self-development program focussing on discovering and understanding your beliefs and values, making her coaching available to a wider audience.

Talking Points


? Mental health at work - How to stop the merry-go-round.
? Stress management - Where do you draw the line? The choice is yours.
? The real risk in the workplace - Is it you?
? We do inclusive, not exclusive - Diversity in the workplace.


? How to walk away from a relationship with a win-win.
? Is it possible to be friends after the break up of a significant relationship?
? Loving is easy. But how do you evaluate who you should trust?


? How to avoid divorce before you get married.
? 100 questions to ask your future partner.
? It’s not me, it’s you. But actually, it’s you.


? I love you, but I don’t like you.
? How to create a functioning member of society.


? No more excuses. Get your s*** together


? Young men in the real world.
? Young women in the real world.
? From preschool to high school : How to advocate for your child.
? A personal guide of living with a learning disability.
Ability to capture the audience with her humour and real approach...Sian was our keynote speaker who addressed 160 of our leaders at our Visible Leaders Workshops. I would not hesitate in recommending Sian if you are looking for a speaker to engage and challenge staff to step up and take responsibility. Department of Corrections

"It’s Sian’s ability to get to and describe the essence of the issue when faced with making huge financial decisions, that makes her so valuable to us” . “Her ideas were clear and strong, the take-aways were genuinely useful…an invigorating and very well received session that left us wanting more.”


Sian’s ability to tell stories and share her vulnerability so candidly was so inspiring for me. I was moved to tears and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in this. The way she demonstrated that no matter who you are, what challenges you face, you can achieve incredible things if you have passion, belief and determination. I loved that she had no notes, no slideshow and just spoke from the heart. She had everyone captivated from her first word until the end.

Computer Concepts Limited

Her love of life, her passion and her ability to read the audience delivered instant rapport; she has a knack of making each of us feel that she was talking about us individually. Sian was an inspiration.

Girl Guiding

Sian offers business and personal inspiration in a unique and engaging way.

Heritage Hotels

Sian Jaquet is incredibly good at what she does because she is authentic. She inspires and enables people to make lasting positive change through skillful, genuine, no-nonsense techniques delivered with warmth, humour and insight.

Women in Film and Television (WIFT)

Great communicator and interesting stories to share!

CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) Australia
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