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Author, Workshop Leader and Facilitator.


Simon Tupman is a business researcher, speaker, author and authority on business growth. He works with forward-thinking organisations that want to grow by learning how to realise the potential of their leaders and their people.

Current Work

Simon is one of Australasia’s most experienced speakers. In over 25 years of researching and presenting only thing that hasn’t changed is the source of sustainable success in every business: it’s always their people. The future belongs to the companies that inspire their people, and Simon has made a career out of showing organisations how to inspire and adapt. He draws on the depth of his international experience and the breadth of his research to craft tailored presentations that he delivers with charisma and humour.

Previous Experience

Author:Simon is the author of Why Entrepreneurs Should Eat Bananas, Legal Eagles and Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas. He has been translated into Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Law:Simon draws on his considerable experience as a lawyer, court advocate, management consultant and professional speaker to deliver the right message at the right time. Accomplished at taking difficult briefs, he comprehensively researches the issues behind every presentation to ensure his message is customised exactly to meet each client’s objectives. His MBA coupled with over 20 years of presenting gives him a high level of corporate awareness and conference organiser.

Talking Points

The ‘C’-Suite:5 Things Highly-Effective Executives Do Better

The ‘C’-Suite:5 Things Highly-Effective Executives Do Better

The consequences of leadership decisions are amplified when things are changing fast and with dramatic intensity. To be effective when the stakes are high, leaders have to be able to command enormous trust from customers, employees and communities.

To build that trust, tomorrow’s leader will need to get into the “‘C’-Suite” and learn the five behaviours mastered by executives who are succeeding and adjusting to the demands of the new economy: clarify, challenge, change, coach and care.

In this keynote, Simon sets the context of the trends shaping the world and shows you how success will be measured in the future. Then he shows you how to get prepared to be effective in the new paradigm by mastering the skills executives will need to succeed in the future.

Key Takeaways:

- An appreciation of why trust in leaders is vital
- An understanding of the dynamics of driving change
- Clarity about your purpose and vision
- The keys to engaging and involving your people
- An appreciation of the importance of the 5 ‘C’s and a plan for mastering them

But I’m not a robot! Exploring the future of work

But I’m not a robot! Exploring the Future of Work

Governments, business leaders, policy makers, HR managers and employees are all concerned about the impact of technology and artificial intelligence: what might it mean for the future of work, for the future of their workplaces and for the future of the individual worker? Is this a time for optimism or concern?

How can business leaders overcome automation anxiety and resolve the ‘human versus technology’ tension?

In this presentation, Simon will address these complex questions and explain why business leaders and HR professionals have every reason to be optimistic about the future of work, the opportunities that technology might create, the impact on business and the economy, and the role that people will continue to play along the way. Central to this will be the need for a fresh style of purposeful leadership that builds trust, relationships and reputations by putting people rather than technology at the top of its agenda.

Key Takeaways

- An understanding of how artificial intelligence is impacting the workplace
- What it means for business leaders
- How business leaders should prepare for the future and adopt technology
- How humanity will thrive

Instability Is The New Stability: Thriving Through Disruption And Upheaval

Instability Is The New Stability: Thriving Through Disruption And Upheaval

Nothing about change is going to change: technological advancements, shifting generational expectations, globalisation, innovation and disruption are here to stay. But your organisation is going to survive and thrive because you embrace these trends and know how to roll with the changes and harness the disruption. Complacent organisations won’t survive.

In this interactive presentation, you’ll learn from organisations that no one thought would become obsolete. You’ll see where your organisation is in its lifestyle and find five key initiatives to put you ahead of the curve and your competitors.

Key Takeaways

- The confidence to change, adapt and grow in the new open economy
- An understanding of ‘the curve’
- A breakdown of the key trends affecting every organisation and what to do about them
- Insights into embracing technology without losing the human factor
- A blueprint for stimulating innovation with an ideas factory

Distinct or Extinct: Surviving In Today’s Business Jungle

Your customers are mobile, informed and disloyal. Your competitors are agile and everywhere. To win, you need to stand out for delivering more value to your customers, employees and communities. You need to be filtering new ideas, insights and opportunities then taking action quickly.

Distinct or Extinct will enable participants to forge a pathway to growing the business and generating new business.

Key Takeaways

- A plan for keeping people at the heart your business
- An appreciation of why customer happiness is key
- Sustainable strategies for long-term growth
- An understanding of what your stakeholders really want
“The clients loved the evening. Simon is a talented, intelligent and witty performer who has a perfect sense of timing and also is a master mimic. We would recommend him to anyone wanting something different that is sure to please the audience." Institute of Strata Title Management, Sydney

“Simon's professional commitment to a successful outcome made him a vital member of our conference team and a delight to work with."

AICM 2005 and 2007 Conference Convenor, Sydney

"Simon was a speaker at the HRINZ 2018 Conference; the theme : The Future of Work. Simon gave an engaging, thought provoking presentation, that resonated at so many levels for his audience of HR professionals and business leaders. His content and focus was of great relevance; global and societal change trends, the rise of artificial intelligence and what this means for communities, workplaces and their people. He skilfully laid the platform for deeper discussion around the need for radically different solutions in as we navigate a rapidly changing world. Simon, thank you for your blend of wisdom, deep insight and authenticity.”

Human Resources Institute of New Zealand
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