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Mental health advocate, chef, and facilitator of true human development and connection

Let's be brave, and collectively do something special for the benefit of everyone.


Tim Read is a trained physiotherapist, a world class chef, an author, a husband, a budding founder, and a communicator. All he does is driven by facilitating human development and connection. Tim believes that connection with ourselves, and others, in a profound way is key to addressing our current losing battle with mental health.

Tim found cooking through his journey of depression while training and practising as a physiotherapist. The journey began with shooting, butchering, and cooking his first deer for friends at the age of 21. At the age of 25 he won Masterchef New Zealand, published a cookbook, and travelled the world; all while being able to share his love of spending time around the dinner table and the human connection that happens there. As a classic high achiever personality, Tim moved to Scandinavia and worked in some of the world's great kitchens, however, struggled with performance-based anxiety and burnout from being associated with the very best.

From his own battle with depression, anxiety, and burnout Tim has spent over a decade meticulously developing tools, with coaching from professionals to help manage different presentations of his own mental health distress. An underlying belief that we all have mental health and are somewhere on a spectrum of wellness. Tim communicates that we can all afford to all ˜aim up' and learn tools to manage our wellness better. Committed to helping people struggling with their own mental health and empowering support networks, Tim is now using all the skills learnt from his mental health journey, in world class hospitality, and healthcare to facilitate human development. Tim wants to share these practical tools for management of mental health for everyone.

Tim has created his own company, Helmet. Tim has been spending time in research and development of tools, platforms and content aimed at individuals struggling with mild to moderate mental distress. The remainder of his time is spent as an advisor, speaker, and mentor - often combined with his love of food and time around a dinner table. Tim strives to be a voice and example of mental health management in high functioning roles and is passionate about seeing people and businesses succeed to their greatest potential.

As a speaker, Tim loves to speak on common mental health challenges, the pursuit of excellence and practical strategies for the development, unification, and care of people. With smaller groups he can also lead practical sessions on these topics.

Tim uses stories and experiences to communicate ideas but always provides practical help, leaving his audience empowered to make a difference in their lives. His style is honest, vulnerable, relatable, and comes with genuine care for those he speaks with.

Talking Points

Crossing The Line

All of us have mental health, whether we know it or not, and are somewhere on the spectrum of wellness. Often the first major mental health event in someone's life is the realisation of I am not ok�.
This realisation is usually incredibly traumatic - Tim has coined this experience crossing the line'. Let's take an in depth look at ourselves, our nervous system, and our behaviour to hack our brain and give ourselves what we need before we cross the line.

Defining Your Balance

A talk about the pursuit of excellence. The price you pay, the reward you get. How do we excel and endure in an increasingly busy world? What is balance? Do we need it? An in depth and practical look at getting the most out of your life.
How a dead deer saved my life and can save your business.

Tim's Story

Tim's story of finding purpose in life. Through battling the depths of depression, he stumbled upon what truly fills him with joy and it has revolutionised his life and work. An insight into mental health, how you can support individuals and actually turn mental distress around.
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