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Inspiring global innovator and inventer


Logan Williams has established himself as one of new Zealand’s foremost entrepreneurs & inventors. His unique ability to tackle complex problems going from an idea to a revolutionary product in six months, truly sets him apart as a global innovator.

Current work
With a successful track record of four revolutionary multimillion dollar inventions - Logan has now transitioned to venture capitalism investing in a diverse portfolio of start-ups.

In 2019 Logan was appointed as the Director of Technology & Innovation at the New Zealand Merino company, where he is helping to lead the organisation into developing a range of international brands across a range of industries.

Logan was also appointed to the National Board of the SPCA.

Logan’s background makes for a compelling presentation, which will give your audience the tools they need to execute ambitious projects and change the world.

Previous work
To date, Logan is credited with inventing the polarized contact lens as a preventative treatment for photosensitive epilepsy which was acquired at the beginning of 2017 by an international pharmaceutical company. This technology has empowered sufferers worldwide to live a normal life free of the ongoing fear of a life-threatening epileptic fit.

Logan is also credited with inventing the novel method to turn Didymo ‘Rock Snot’ the pest algae destroying New Zealand’s rivers, into materials. In recognition of this invention Logan was the subject of a documentary entitled “What Logan Did” and was showcased in the Air New Zealand Kia Ora Magazine. This invention was successfully sold in 2018.

Plus, in collaboration with Brendan Cook and Nelson Hartley, Logan has developed a medical nebulizer, which can convert any liquid medication to vapour. Better yet, the vapourizer has no moving parts, batteries, and is made of PLA bioplastic so is completely biodegradable. This is currently being developed with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Following these inventions Logan joined Fonterra’s Head Research & Development Centre where he worked on the sustainability portfolio producing an invention to significantly reduce methane on-farm.

In 2017, Logan was a finalist for the New Zealander of the Year Awards.
In 2019, Logan was acknowledged by the Asia New Zealand Foundation for his contribution to Education, Science and Research in the 25 to Watch. This award recognises young people aged 16 to 25 who represent the future of the Asia-New Zealand relationship.

Logan’s inspiring story, traversing unknown territory at the forefront of innovation enables every audience member to leave his presentation inspired, and motivated to change the world.

Talking Points

My Story - The Kiwi Inventor

This is a story about a boy who grew up in Timaru, New Zealand surrounded by a neighbourhood rife with gangs, drugs, and state housing. Who with hard work, dedication, and the help of his family - became an internationally acclaimed inventor who has improved the lives of millions. Without a penny to his name Logan has tackled seemingly insurmountable problems, and produced solutions which are at the forefront of innovation.
Strap in because Logan is going to take you his journey, from heartbreak, to laughter, this presentation will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The Science of Invention

Invention is often perceived as too difficult, complex, or ambiguous - so many people never try. When in fact, everyone can and should invent. This presentation will teach you the skills required to become an inventor. By using my own inventions as examples, I will give you a framework, on how to take a complex problem, break it down, and produce an innovative solution. At the end of this presentation, I want you to leave inspired, to improve the world, and tackle problems you previously only dreamt you could face.

The Simple Art of Design Process

Whether you are developing a new product, technology, or process - as time goes on the project always seems to become overwhelmingly complicated, causing major headaches which disrupt the entire organisation. In this presentation I will show you the key to leading a simple direct project that will deliver results quickly, and produce the best strategy to achieve commercial success.

Environmental Crisis - What it Means to be Sustainable

Climate Change, water pollution, waste - we are slowly destroying the planet, but are current solutions and targets realistic? How do we ensure that we build a better future for tomorrow and become truly sustainable? After attending this presentation, you will leave more informed about the sustainable challenges we face, and a realistic understanding of how to become more sustainable. We will cover corporate green wash, ‘off setting’, and current policy which detracts from achieving sustainability. This presentation will allow you to silence all the noise and get a clear understanding on how to move forward sustainably.

New Product Development on Steroids

Is your organisation spending years to develop projects, which are way over budget, and seemingly will never be commercialised? Well what if I told you that I can teach you how to go from an idea to a fully-fledged revolutionary product ready for market in just 6 months.
This presentation will redefine the way you innovate, and enable you to succeed fast or fail fast - delivering higher value to your organisation. I will give you a clear step by step process which will enable you to drive forward the success of your company, and solve real problems faced by your customers.
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